Enrollment Options

Residential, Commuting, or Online – You Choose!

Visiting students may take advantage of campus resources offered to current Purdue Students. This includes access to the co-rec (a small fee is assessed if you are not enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours), libraries, student success programs, summer activities and more.

  • Residential
    Enrolled students may live in university housing to maximize their summer at Purdue. Summer housing contracts range from 1 week to 12 weeks to fit your summer schedule. Learn more summer housing.
  • Commuting
    Students may opt to commute to campus during summer. These students will have the same access to campus facilities and extracurricular activities as residential students.
  • Online
    Can’t make it to West Lafayette? Purdue offers approximately 300 online undergraduate courses every summer. 

Students may use the Dynamic Course Schedule to browse more than 650 undergraduate courses that will be offered during Summer 2023. 

Summer Modules 

12 Weeks 8 Week 4 Weeks
Full Summer Module:
May 15 – August 4
First 8-Week Module:
May 15 – July 7
Option 1:
May 15 – June 9
Second 8-Week Module:
June 12 – August 4
Option 2:
June 12 – July 7
Option 3:
July 10 – August 4
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