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Purdue Temporary Employment

Temporary employees at Purdue are hired in one of two ways. The majority of temporary appointments are hired through a staffing company. However when a candidate/potential employee is already known, the SuccessFactors quick hire process is used. SuccessFactors is the University’s human resources system used by supervisors and managers for the hiring process.

A Purdue retiree hired in a University temporary position will be expected to complete necessary paperwork and also may be asked to undergo a background check. Temporary staff may work up to, but not exceed, 1,000 hours in a 12-month period. All departments assume responsibility for hiring temporary staff and monitoring their hours.

Purdue has negotiated temporary staffing services through two staffing firms. The services include recruiting and hiring when a candidate is not known. Olsten Staffing Solutions handles dining and catering positions. Knowledge Services is the provider for clerical, medical, IT, and all other industries not served by Olsten Staffing.

More information on Purdue’s temporary employment can be found at https://www.purdue.edu/hr/mgrres/rechireemp/temp.php