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About PURA

Welcome to the Web Site of the Purdue University Retirees Association

PURA membersWhether you are a Purdue retiree, the spouse of a retiree, or just a visitor to our Web site, we hope you will take a few moments to explore it and learn about our organization, its structure, and its activities.

Of the over 5,000 Purdue retirees around the world, two-thirds have remained in the Greater Lafayette area to maintain their close ties with the University, their friends and the community.

Some have moved on to other locations on a permanent basis; still others go elsewhere during the winter, but return each spring to reconnect with their Purdue colleagues and friends.

Wherever they are, they can maintain active contact with us through this Web site and the links it provides to information about PURA and its activities.

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Policies and Procedures

A.G. Hansen Award for University unit that values retirees - information and nomination form

Greetings from Our PURA President

We look forward to another great year for PURA in serving the needs of Purdue Retirees. In addition to all the great continuing programs and services including providing health insurance plans for retirees, communicating through various means, providing monthly meetings, trips and community activities, Kick-Off Luncheon, Purposeful Living in Retirement Conference and representing each of you to the Purdue University administration.

The PURA Executive Board has adopted the following additional goals for PURA for 2018-19.

-Highlight the activities available for current Purdue retirees and increase the visibility of PURA through spotlights for PURA activities and committees at all PURA functions.

-Review the needs of the membership for an additional process for communications though social media. Create a Task Force to study and make recommendations to the Executive Board. 

-Assure that the Finance Committee with the Treasurer as Chair implements the plan to consolidate all finance, endowments and budget responsibilities into one committee.

-Target fund raising activities of PURA on growing the PURA Scholarship Endowment.

-Implement the new process for the Arthur G. Hansen Award in accordance with the plan approved by the Executive Committee in March of 2018.

-Create a task force to determine how to best serve the pre-retirement and early retirement Purdue retirees.

-Hold a joint meeting with the Trips and Tours and Campus and Community Activities committees to facilitate a discussion/coordination on meeting the needs of the PURA members for such activities.

-Work with MCL to determine ways of expanding or better utilizing their capacity for PURA monthly luncheons and survey the community for a larger facility to provide for growth.

-Create a consistent message on all marketing and communications materials revised or developed for PURA.

-Continue to focus the Executive Board meetings on action items and updates by making every effort to reduce deliberations on committee updates.

-Develop a detailed list of activities and services provided to PURA through the secretarial support from Purdue Human Resources.

-Empower and support the PURA committees to function within their assigned tasks and budgets.
Don Gentry
PURA President