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Holiday Hours

December 22 - January 8

The Schwartz Tennis Center is pleased to be able to offer a lot of court hours during the holidays. Click on the "HOURS" button at the top of this page for Center hours each day.

Members may reserve court time Monday, December 22 through Friday, January 2 for $12/court hour during all hours of operation. Reservations may be made up to 6 days in advance . Non-members will be subject to normal court fees.

Friday, December 26 -- members may reserve court time at no charge. Reservations may be made beginning Tuesday, December 23. Free reservations are limited to 1 court for 2 hours per membership.

Normal Hours resume on Friday, January 9. For more information and to make reservations, contact the Schwartz Tennis Center at 765-494-3600.

(Click on the flyer to the right to get a PDF file suitable for viewing and printing.)

Mon, Dec 227 am - 11 pm
Tue, Dec 237 am - 9 pm
Wed, Dec 24Closed, Christmas Eve
Thu, Dec 25Closed, Christmas
Fri, Dec 269 am - 9 pm
Sat, Dec 278 am - 8 pm
Sun, Dec 288 am - 8 pm
Mon, Dec 298 am - 9 pm
Tue, Dec 308 am - 9 pm
Wed, Dec 318 am - 3 pm
Thu, Jan 1Closed, New Year's Day
Fri, Jan 29 am - 9 pm
Sat, Jan 38 am - 8 pm
Sun, Jan 48 am - 8 pm
Mon, Jan 57 am - 11 pm
Tue, Jan 67 am - 11 pm
Wed, Jan 77 am - 11 pm
Thu, Jan 87 am - 11 pm

Adult Holiday Happenings

December 19 - January 6

Please join us for our special Holiday Adult Tennis Clinics beginning Monday, December 22. We think you can find a clinic that fits your interests and schedule:

  • Drill of the HoliDAY, Fridays, 9-10:30 am, December 19, December 26, January 2

  • Drills, Doubles and Donuts (3.0 level and above), Monday, December 22, 8:00-10:00 am

  • Tinsel Twilight (1 hour of Drills, 1 hour of Play), Tuesdays, 7-9 pm, December 30, January 6

  • Winter Wonderland Workout, Tuesday, December 23, 9-10:30 am, Saturday, December 27, 9-10:30 am, Wednesday, December 31, 9-10:30 am

  • December Drills and Doubles (1.5 hours of drills, 30 minutes of play), Sunday, December 28, 6:00-8:00 pm

  • Spin Serves and Strokes Clinic, Monday, December 29, 9-10:30 am

  • Singles Strokes and Strategy Clinic, Monday, December 29, 6:00-7:30 pm

    Sign up at the front desk. Space is limited! Call 494-3600 for more information.

    (Click on this flyer to get a PDF file suitable for viewing and printing.)

  • Information now available about 2014-2015

    Junior Tennis Program Classes,

    November 23 - January 23

    Information is now available about the 2014-2015 Junior Tennis Program Tennis Classes, November 23 - January 23. Priority registration for members is November 10-15. Open registration for everyone begins Sunday, November 16. Click on "JUNIOR TENNIS PROGRAM DIRECTED BY TIM MADDEN" at the top left of this page, then "JUNIOR TENNIS CLINICS". You will find all our information and a registration form. There is also information about Private/Semi-Private Tennis Lessons and USTA Tournaments at the Schwartz Tennis Center. This link even has a registration form.

    You are welcome to register with a credit card by phone at 765-494-3600, mail a check payable to Purdue University, or stop by the Schwartz Tennis Center in person at 1324 McCormick Road, West Lafayette, IN 47907.

    If you have questions about the Junior Tennis program or registration, please email Tim Madden (madden@purdue.edu) or contact the Schwartz Tennis Center at 765-494-3600.

    2014 Adult Fall

    Clinics and Mixers

    Information is available concerning 2014 Fall mixers and weekly sign-up clinics for adults.

    Click on the "ADULT TENNIS" button at the left of this page. There you will find information about:

  • Women's CIWITL/USTA Team Drill, Tuesdays, 9:00 am -- 10:30 am, August 19 -- May 5

  • Drill of the Day (Fast Paced Tennis Drill), Fridays, 9:30 am -- 11:00 am (Weekly Sign-Up)

  • Twilight Tennis (1 hour of drills and 1 hour of play), Tuesdays, 7:00 pm -- 9:00 pm

  • Beginning Tennis Clinic, Tuesdays, 10:30 am -- 11:30 am, Thursdays, 5:00 pm -- 6:00 pm, September 2 - October 2

  • Intermediate Tennis Clinic, Mondays, 7:00 pm -- 8:30 pm, Tuesdays, 10:30 am -- 12:00 noon, September 2 - October 6

  • End of Summer Swing Mixer Saturday, August 23, 6:30 pm -- 9:30 pm

  • Member Appreciation Mixer Friday, September 5, 6:30 pm -- 9:00 pm

  • Private lessons are also available.

    For more information contact the Schwartz Tennis Center at 765-494-3600.

  • Information Now Available About

    2014-2015 Tennis Season Including

    Permanent Court Reservations

    Information is now available about the 2014-2015 tennis season at the Schwartz Tennis Center. Click on the "RATES AND RESERVATIONS" button at the left of this page.

    The "PERMANENT COURT TIME (PCT)" button is for those of you who would like to reserve one or more courts each week September 2, 2014 -- May 22, 2015. If you would like to reserve a court(s) or continue with the court(s) you have used in the past, please have your group's coordinator notify Joe Braden (765-496-9511, jmbraden@purdue.edu) as soon as possible. All permanent court reservations must be made by July 15, 2014.

    The "PCT REGISTRATION FORM" button gets you an Excel file to submit a list of names for those playing on your reserved court(s). This can be submitted at the Control Desk, by mail (Schwartz Tennis Center, 1324 McCormick Road, West Lafayette, IN 47906), or by email to Joe Braden (jmbraden@purdue.edu).

    For more information, contact the Schwartz Tennis Center at 765-494-3600.

    Summer Tennis Courts

    Free summer court time for members begins on Tuesday, May 27! Members may reserve indoor or outdoor courts at any time of day at no charge. Reservations can be made up to 6 days in advance. Please remember that this is a member-only privilege. If you are playing with non-members, they are responsible for the appropriate court fees to cover their portion of the court.

    Men's Tennis Newsletter

    Available on this Website

    The latest Purdue Men's Tennis Newsletter is available on this Website. Click on the "MEN'S TENNIS NEWSLETTER" button at the left of this page.

    If you would like to receive this newsletter via email each month, please contact Men's Tennis Coach Pawel Gajdzik (pgajdzik@purdue.edu) or Schwartz Tennis Center Operations Assistant Lisa Braden (lmbraden@purdue.edu).

    Schwartz Tennis Center Membership

    You should become a member of the Schwartz Tennis Center!

    Membership Benefits:

    • Free Unlimited randomly-reserved indoor court time, June 1-- August 31!
    • Free Unlimited randomly-reserved outdoor courts year round.
    • Free Unlimited Non-Prime time, Same Day Reservation, year round.
    • Only Members may reserve courts on a permanent basis.
    • Only Members may reserve courts 6 days in advance, non-members 3 days.
    • Priority sign up for lesson programs, clinics, and drills.

    Information about the benefits of being a member, as well as membership fees are quickly available. Click on the "MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION" button at the left of this page. For more information contact the Schwartz Tennis Center at 765-494-3600.

    Pro Shop Has Strings, Grips,

    and Vibration Dampeners

    Forget to bring a can of tennis balls? That grip showing some wear? Lose your vibration dampener? Break a string while playing?

    Don't worry! Our Pro Shop can help with all of these situations. Take a look at our latest list of products and services. For each string, we give suggestions concerning who might benefit best from that string. We offer very low costs for the string and stringing. In addition, we will do the job with your provided string for only $15.00. We have grips and dampeners available, and, of course, Wilson US Open Tennis Balls. Please stop by the Pro Shop (at the Schwartz Tennis Center Control Desk) if you have a request for a special type of string, grip, or dampener. We will be glad to order anything, if available.

    New in our Pro Shop is the Wilson Micro Dry Plus Grip. This grip has been designed for maximum moisture absorption. It is extra thick for more comfort and softer for better stretch. Microfibre felt with Rayon absorbs moisture more quickly and dries more quickly. Stop by the Pro Shop and ask for the Wilson Micro Dry Plus Grip!

    Welcome to the Schwartz

    Tennis Center Website!

    We have worked very hard to make this Website useful for you. Here are a few things to check out:

    • Click on the "ADULT TENNIS" button at the left of this page.
      The "ADULT LEAGUES" button tells about Adult Leagues: Men's Singles League, Men's Quad Play Doubles, 7.5 Women's Combo League, and USTA Women's Tri-Level League.
      The "ADULT PROGRAMS" button tells about Adult Programs: Women's USTA Practice, Beginning Tennis Clinics, and Intermediate Tennis Clinics.
      The "WEEKLY SIGN-UP CLINICS" button lists the Weekly Sign-Up Clinics.

    • Click on the "JUNIOR TENNIS PROGRAM DIRECTED BY TIM MADDEN" button at the left of this page.
      The "JUNIOR TENNIS CLINICS" button tells all about the exciting Junior Tennis Program and even has a registration form.
      The "CALENDAR" button gives the dates of upcoming and completed events in the Junior Tennis Program.
      The "LEARN ABOUT TIM MADDEN" button contains a biography of our Director of Junior Tennis.
      The "FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs)" button answers such questions as "What tennis clinic do I register my child in ?", "What should my child bring to the tennis clinic ?" and "How often should my child play tennis?".
      The "MATCH PLAY FOR JUNIOR CLINIC PARTICIPANTS" button shows the dates and times of upcoming junior matches.
      The "OUTSTANDING PERFORMERS" button lists some juniors who have state, midwest, and national rankings.
      The "USTA JUNIOR TEAM TENNIS" is an information and registration form for summer USTA Junior Team Tennis.
      The "CAMPS" button gives complete information about Black & Gold Tennis Camps at the Schwartz Tennis Center,
    • Click on the "HOURS" button at the top of this page. We have calendars for each month showing exactly when the facility is open.
    • Click on the "RATES AND RESERVATIONS" button at the left of this page. This gives you all the latest information about facility hours, court fees, and permanent court reservations.
    • Click on the "TOURNAMENTS" button at the left of this page. This tells you about all tournaments currently scheduled for the facility. You can follow links to the USTA to register for the USTA tournaments.
    • Click on the "PRO SHOP" button at the left of this page for information about racquet restringing, balls, dampeners, and grips now available at our tennis facility.

    Let us know what you think of the new Website and tell us about any additions or modifications that you would like to see.

    Joe Braden
    Tennis Facility Manager

    Lisa Braden
    Operations Assistant

    Dennis J. and Mary Lou Schwartz

    Tennis Center

    The Dennis J. and Mary Lou Schwartz Tennis Center opened its doors to the community for play on Saturday, December 30, 2006. The facility is also home to the Boilermaker varsity tennis teams. The teams practice and host competitions throughout the year.

    The center, which was completed in December 2006, is Purdue University’s first indoor tennis center. Named for the lead donors, Dennis J. and Mary Lou Schwartz, the facility provides the Purdue and Tippecanoe County communities with state-of-the-art, modern tennis courts in an upscale setting.

    The six indoor and six outdoor courts are available to the public. The 60,000-square-foot facility includes locker rooms for the teams, offices for administrative staff and coaches, an athletic training room, and seating areas for fans on the mezzanine above the courts. A pro shop, located in the lobby, is staffed with knowledgeable people ready to help you with your tennis needs.

    Technology at the Schwartz Tennis Center includes 12 Plexipave cushioned courts. The layered system is designed to give better support to the athlete's legs during play. Daktronic electronic scoreboards are on each of the indoor and outdoor courts. The six indoor individual scoreboards feed into a large master scoreboard on the west end of the facility, which displays individual and team scoring. The scoreboards are operated from courtside via wireless remote. The tennis center also uses Dartfish Video Analysis technology to assist in player development. A state-of-the-art sound system with Klipsch speakers helps create an energetic atmosphere for the team events.

    We hope you will make the Schwartz Tennis Center your favorite place to play tennis. We also invite you to come to the tennis center to cheer on the Boilermaker teams. Admission is free to the varsity matches.