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Short-term employment program

Purdue University will be piloting a new program for members of PURA.  The program will provide members with the advantage of receiving notifications of non beneift-eligible short term assignments and the option to apply, prior to announcing the opening to the community.

Vacancies will be posted to the PURA website with details about the position, including required education and skills. Those interested in the position will be required to submit a resume to the hiring department.

A resource page has been developed that will provide links to a sample resume and additional tips for personalizing your resume.

To insure you are notified of vacancies, members will be able to "opt in" to a distribution list.  Each time a new vacancy is posted, an email will go out to subscribers of the distribution list.  Click here to subscribe to the distribution list.

The program will be announced in Purdue Today by September 30th.  The new vacancy listing and resource site will be made available October 6th.  

If you have any questions about the new pilot program, please contact Brenda Coulson at bcoulson@purdue.edu