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Values to Outcomes






Produce real-world impact that improves the health and wellness of people and communities

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Pursue proactive and intentional DEI action across all core values

Inspire, motivate, lead, and act for and with Purdue University, clients, stakeholders and communities from the state, the nation, and globally. Maximize use and growth of human, material and economic resources

Pursue hypothesis-driven research and evidence generation to identify/define health and healthcare system challenges and needs—from the individual level to the population—and public health-level scale

Promote and disseminate scholarly research resulting in procedures, best practices, methods, success stories, etc..., through peer-reviewed papers, conference presentations, patents, intellectual property disclosures, and reports; and broadly through presentations; publications; events; web; social media; and news stories

Develop, verify, and validate technologies, products, and services

Translate and utilize implementation science to co-create solutions of technologies, products, and services with the intended client or targeted community.

Commercialize through entrepreneurship or industry partnerships, technologies, products, and services

Promote two-way dialogue with communities to identify gaps that affect the health of all within, including the underserved, minorities, and LGBTQ+.  Seek out and capture the “voice of the community” and amplify historically unheard voices in all phases of programmatic design and ensure diverse representation in all applicable research endeavors

Create resources and solutions capable of implementation at the community level for marginalized, vulnerable, and underserved groups

Define the needs of the community through engagement that prioritizes effective, active, and inclusive listening

Meet the unique needs of individual communities and target populations

Diligence in Fiduciary responsibility to fulfill obligations to the University and the best interest of our clients and funders. Adhere to internal and external transparency

Develop, translate, and implement science and technology- based solutions.

Attract, retain, and develop people and talent pipeline to assure maximum performance through an environment supporting education, mentoring, and collaboration

Attract, develop and retain personnel: Minimize vacancy rate and turnover rate; demonstrate growth mindset with evidence of measurable improvements in contribution; envision future for center that illuminates career pathways formed as a product of innovation and successful collaboration

Develop health-focused research and implementation community of students, researchers, and professionals through curricula, educational programs, and instruments

Develop talent pipeline through workforce development and promotion of professional accomplishments

Engage and leverage talent through a culture that shatters ceilings to achieve breakthrough results: Invest in people development; ensure transparency of standards and behavioral expectations; commit to crucial conversations; and reward and recognize excellence  

Create a safe and collaborative environment: Assure all voices and viewpoints are expressed, considered, and included in decision-making

Ensure a just culture through proactive and intentional personnel practices

Prioritize development and expansion of community knowledge and capacity through workforce development training and education opportunities for engaged partners

Embed programmatic sustainability in externally funded initiatives through planned gradual and deliberate transference of programmatic ownership to community stakeholders

Cultivate, establish, sustain, and grow strategic academic, healthcare, industry, philanthropic, and community alliances.

Grow and diversify:

  • Academic partners who reflect interdisciplinary representation (internal and external) 
  • State, regional, and national partnerships
  • Healthcare partners across all settings (behavioral, hospitals, clinics, long term care, and public health)
  • Community reach with cross-sectoral representation
  • Payors (Medicare, Medicaid, Anthem, etc...)
  • Industry partners
  • Funders and sponsors

Proactively assure that partners reflect the diversity (race, ethnicity, and gender) of communities served


Secure grants and awards:   
Target growth, diversity, and sustainability in funding; and pursue government (federal and state); industry; philanthropy; foundation; and other funding sources

Increase response to funding opportunities by offering collaborative expertise and grant-writing assistance to internal and external partners (i.e. communities and organizations) with limited capacity to meet submission criteria

Measure outcomes of partnerships to validate delivery of established goals

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