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Workforce Development

EMBRIO will provide students with the training, experience, and exposure to research, tools, and techniques necessary to launch rich careers in integrative biology fields.

EMBRIO’s education and broadening participation program will:

  • Develop knowledge about evidence-based practices that promote integrative understandings of biological systems by bridging research and education via design-based research approaches.
  • Develop computational apprenticeship curricular modules following principles of the Knowledge Integration framework to promote working knowledge of signal integration in biological processes at the intersection of scientific and systems thinking among graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Develop knowledge in integrative biology by connecting research and education through transdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Engage scientists and engineers from historically underrepresented minority groups and foster an environment where the broader scientific community increases their appreciation of the impact of diversity in STEM.
  • Establish a knowledge dissemination infrastructure to expand the use of integrative biology approaches in the broader life sciences research community.