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Waivers for International Students - Students on CPT, AT and Pre/Post Completion OPT

Students on CPT (Curricular Practical Training)

Purdue's health insurance is required for all actively registered students on CPT, AT and pre-completion OPT.

Health Insurance Requirements: 
All international students are required to purchase and/or maintain the Purdue sponsored health insurance benefits while enrolled at Purdue University. Because CPT is integral to your established curriculum and is associated with a course or research credit which you must enroll in, pay for, and receive a completed grade for, you must purchase/maintain your Purdue sponsored health insurance benefits while participating in CPT in the United States.

 Students on OPT (Optional Practical Training)

Pre-completion (have not yet graduated) OPT students who are degree seeking, registered are required to stay on Purdue University's insurance plan unless a waiver has been approved through the Student Insurance Office.

If you have graduated and insurance is not provided to you by your employer, you may be eligible to continue your Purdue University Student Insurance Plan for up to 90 days. You may contact the Student Insurance Office at 765-496-3998 or by email