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Exercise Facility & Professional Referrals Reference for Practitioners 

Exercise is Medicine: Strong evidence informs us of the positive influence physical activity and exercise has on numerous health outcomes (physical, mental, emotional, and social, etc.) and longevity.   Exercise and physical activity serve as a medicine that can be taken free of cost, and with no negative side effects when prescribed appropriately.  Check out this inspiring & educational TED talk to learn more about exercise and its powerful effects on health, particularly brain health:TED Talk Exercise & Brain Health

Physical Activity Resources & Referrals on/around the Purdue campus

Rec Well: 

  • Personal Training: This resource provides an opportunity to train with a personal trainer to reach any personal fitness goals you have.
    • Contact: (765) 494-3109

 Personal Training

  • Group Exercise Classes: This resource provides an opportunity to exercise in a group setting with an experienced instructor.
    • Contact: (765) 494-3109

 Group Exercise

  • Nutrition Coaching: This resource provides an opportunity to get all your questions regarding nutrition answered. A coach will be with you every step of the way to reaching your body positive nutrition goals.
    • Contact: (765) 494-3109

Nutrition Coaching

*Once on the website scroll to the bottom and click “Do I need to see a nutrition coach?” and it will direct you to where you can sign up. 

  • Wellness Coaching: This resource provides an opportunity to act on your health and wellness goals. Signing up will allow you to work in a group or personal coaching session about how to overcome barriers and build a lifestyle that is designed around your own personal goals
    • Contact: (765) 494-3109

 Wellness Coaching

  • Club Sports: This resource is a great option to get involved in a sport with your peers. This provides a great opportunity for exercise and relationship building.


  • Intramural Sports: This resource provides an opportunity to participate in one of the 40+ sports that are offered. IM’s offer in individual, dual, or team competitions.


PES Classes:

This can be a great opportunity to get involved in physical activity in a classroom setting. It is a semester long course in which the student taking the class can be given instruction and guidance on various exercise programs. If you are struggling with knowing how to get started on an exercise program, whether that is weightlifting, cardio exercises or trying to improve your flexibility, but just do not know what to do and want to be more physically fit, contact your advisor today about wanting to sign up for this course in the upcoming semester. 

  • Classes: PES 11100 (Lifetime Fitness) & PES 11400 (Exercise & Fitness)

Local Resources that are close to campus:

  • Parkwest Fitness: Mission Statement: “To be, for each of our members, THEIR resource for exercise, community fun and better health. To be a strong community partner and give our support to improve health and fitness for all ages.” For more information on Parkwest Fitness contact: (765) 464-3435.

Parkwest Fitness

  • West Lafayette Community Wellness Center: Some of their amenities involve group exercise classes, basketball courts, an indoor track, a lap swimming pool, youth programs, and fitness equipment.
    • Contact: (765) 269-4950.

  WL Community Center

  • Orange Theory: This fitness facility allows you to get involved in group workout classes. Rowing, strength training and cardio are just a few of the areas that these classes target and help you improve your overall fitness in.
    • Contact: (765) 575-4944

Orange Theory

  • Pure Barre: Pure Barre provides intro classes to beginners getting involved in exercise! This is a great place to go to if you are looking for a low impact high intensity workout to help get started with exercising.
    • Contact: (765) 430-1927

Pure Barre

  • YMCA of Lafayette Indiana: This resource provides an affordable option to get involved in group exercise, sports, and a wide variety of fitness centers.


Low Cost/ Free options:

Outdoor resources

  • Happy Hollow Park: This Park is made up of over 81 acres including 2 playgrounds, 4 trails and a volleyball court. This is a great opportunity to get outside &exercise for free.
  • Wabash Heritage Trail: This is a 13-mile-long trail that would be great for walking, running, or biking.
  • Tapawingo Park: This Park is about 20 acres big, that provides access to playgrounds, ice skating, and a river walk. This is a great option when looking for some outdoor exercise.
  • Celery Bog Nature Area and Lilly Nature Center: It contains 4.3 miles of paved trails and 2.5 miles of natural paths through the woods, savanna, and prairie. There are signs, audio informational units and observational decks along the trails. This is free of charge.
    • Contact: (765) 775-5172
  • Lafayette Parks and Recreation: These parks have over 6 miles of paved as well as many more unpaved trails throughout the city. They are able to be used free of admission and the names of the various trails and parks can be found on their website.
    • Contact: (765) 807-1000.

 Lafayette Parks and Rec

Online Resources

  • My Fitness Pal: Found on the app store or through the website: This resource is great for anyone that wants to get healthy, lose weight, tone up, change habits, start a new nutrition plan, or simply track their exercise and/or nutrition.  The app allows you to set individual goals, track nutrition and exercise.  It is also simple to use and syncs well with other apps and wearable devices. 
  • MindBody: Found on the app store. Allows one to set fitness goals and has an extremely wide range of fitness options in the form of classes and videos such as yoga, cycling, dance, circuit training, kickboxing and many more. The wide range of options allows for one to really find what they are passionate about to stay physically fit.
  • Vizer: Found on the app store. A social conscience app that enables you to set a daily activity goal.  Once you reach your activity goal, corporate sponsors donate a meal to a local food pantry.  Help others while you improve your health & fitness!
  • RunKeeper: Found on the app store. This app keeps track of your running status such as speed, and distance and can help one train for events such as a 5K, 10K, Marathon, etc. It logs and keeps track of your running status over time.
  • 7 Minute Workout: Found on the app store. No equipment required. Can choose any quick workout targeting any area of the body and they are not time consuming. There is a video that you follow that demonstrates how the workout is performed.