Teaching & Learning AI Digest February 2024

Vol. 1, Issue 2  |  February 2024

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Welcome to the second installment of the Teaching & Learning AI Digest. Curated by the team at Purdue University’s Innovation Hub, this monthly newsletter includes exciting stories about the evolution of AI in our classrooms, labs, campus community and around the world. 

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GRAIL researchers explore social, political implications of AI as legislation expands

Purdue’s Governance and Responsible Artificial Intelligence Lab, known more commonly by its acronym “GRAIL,” focuses on collaborative and interdisciplinary research on AI policy, ethics and governance — filling a gap in academic research that persists in this newest technology landscape.
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Other Stories of AI @ Purdue


Adventures in AI Podcast

Purdue Libraries welcomes Shantanu Roy and Thomas Stahura to their MakeYourStory podcast to tell the story of creating an AI tool called Quasi.

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Generative AI Purdue Faculty and Staff Survey

The Offices of Academic Affairs, Research and Information Technology invite Purdue faculty and staff to participate in a survey about their current use of generative AI. The survey will close Monday, March 4.

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Navigating the AI Landscape: A Comprehensive Guide

Dr. Jing Lu, clinical assistant professor of library science, has curated an extensive collection of AI resources, providing a valuable hub for AI enthusiasts at Purdue.

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Research Worth Reading


Learning to be Homo Economicus: Can an LLM Learn Preferences from Choice

Learn how LLMs prioritize risk and decision-making in this article co-authored by Matthew Kovach, a Purdue faculty member

Assistant, Parrot, or Colonizing Loudspeaker? ChatGPT Metaphors for Developing Critical AI Literaciespts 

Explore how LLM naming conventions impact educators’ and learners’ perceptions of the tool

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Testing of Detection Tools for AI-generated Text

See how various AI-detection software are evaluated in real-world cases

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Seven Failure Points When Engineering a Retrieval Augmented Generation System

Learn how to ask AI to query specific text or resources before it provides an output

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