The Innovation Hub invests in the people and projects with the highest potential to make a discrete difference in the quality of our residential undergraduate education. The two central tenets driving the Innovation Hub are scale and transdisciplinarity.

  • Scaling an innovation could mean expanding access to a larger group of students within a discipline, engaging more instructors in the practice of the innovation, or expanding beyond the innovation’s current disciplinary home to a new population of students.
  • Creating transdisciplinary experiences for students could mean creating a new credential such as a badge or certificate, thoughtfully integrating course-based and experiential opportunities around grand challenge-type problems, or convening a coalition of instructors across diverse disciplines to create new programs or degrees for students.

Innovation Hub funding programs are not intended to serve solely as research seed funds. Innovation Hub programs are about development and implementation of teaching and learning innovations that clearly benefit students, faculty, and staff.

For the current academic year, our highest priorities for investment are:

  1. Delivering pedagogies of engagement at scale.
  2. Implementing meaningful transdisciplinary, credentialed experiences for students across campus, especially those that align with the future of work, connect to national and/or Indiana priorities, or engage ‘grand challenge’-type questions such as sustainability, social responsibility, or public health.
  3. Achieving equity in our education enterprise, from access to opportunity to outcomes, including creating, using, and scaling culturally-responsive pedagogies.
  4. Integrating online learning approaches and technologies, as well as new academic innovations, into residential learning experiences.
  5. Creating scalable course-based experiential learning options, especially research experiences, explorations of the changing nature of work, and transdisciplinary projects.
  6. Building scalable technology-driven solutions to enhance the residential experience and offer new opportunities to online learners, especially AR/VR, virtual labs, and other relevant simulation experiences.