Teaching and Learning Innovation Grants

Important Information

  • All faculty and staff engaged in teaching and learning on the West Lafayette campus are eligible to apply.
  • Funding and duration: up to $40,000 for up to 9 months duration
  • Grant due date: December 16, 2023
  • Innovation Grant webinar: Recording | FAQ

As part of the Transformative Education 2.0 Purdue Move, and with generous financial support from the Lilly Endowment, the Office of the Provost invites applications for an Innovation Hub funding program Hub. The Innovation Hub is an engine and incubator for innovation in teaching and learning, supporting the Provost’s goal of making Purdue the most innovative residential learning program in the US among large research universities. The Innovation Hub focuses on two priorities: scalable innovations in teaching and learning, and transdisciplinary opportunities for students.

Program Description

Program priorities. Innovation Hub Grants will support projects with the potential to make a discrete impact on the quality of undergraduate teaching and learning at Purdue. Grant applications are invited in:

  • Scaling teaching and learning innovations—whether technology-driven or not—to new student residential populations, new disciplines, or new instructors (or instructional teams)
  • Integrating online learning approaches and technologies into residential learning experiences
  • Achieving equity in our education enterprise (focusing on access, experience, and/or outcomes) including creating, using, and scaling inclusive pedagogies
  • Creating scalable, course-based experiential learning options, especially research experiences, explorations of career pathways and the changing nature of work, and transdisciplinary problems
  • Building scalable technology-driven solutions to enhance the residential experience and offer new opportunities to online learners, especially AR/VR, machine learning, AI, virtual labs, and other relevant experiences
  • Implementing meaningful transdisciplinary, credentialed experiences for residential students, especially those that align with the future of work, connect to national and/or Indiana priorities, or engage ‘grand challenge’-type questions of sustainability, social responsibility, or public health.

Program parameters and expectations. The Innovation Hub Grant program is entirely about innovation, propagation, scaling, and transdisciplinarity. As such, these are development grants, not research grants. This is not a research seed funding program, and applications for research funding will be returned without review. These development grants support propagation of an innovative practice in teaching and learning to a larger audience—that is, they support continued development of promising ideas. Proposers must demonstrate how their project aligns with Innovation Hub goals and priorities. Innovation Hub leadership will connect proposers to relevant expertise needed to achieve their goals, for example: IT support, VR/AR expertise, assessment resources, and so forth as appropriate and required for the project. An Innovation Project charter with expanded detail is attached to this RFP. Please pay special attention to the section on eligible expenses; Innovation Hub grants may not be used to support post-docs or PhD students, except in exceptionally narrow circumstances. We urge proposers to discuss their ideas with Innovation Hub leadership by submitting a one-page summary to innovation-hub@purdue.edu.