Our Mission and Principles

Mission. The Innovation Hub is designing the future of residential higher education at scale, in pursuit of the Provost’s goal of making Purdue the most innovative residential program among large research universities. Our singular goal is to enable and propagate the innovations that advance teaching and learning at Purdue, that add significant value to students and their experiences, and that activate the passion for learning inherent in Purdue’s people.

We will achieve our highest impact when we apply these governing principles to our work.

Principles. Within the Innovation Hub, we will achieve our highest impact when we apply these governing principles to our work.

Principles that define what we work on:

Humanity. We will not focus on educational outcomes per se, and instead focus on the success of the people who embody those outcomes. We will not reduce individuals and their experiences to a single academic outcome metric.
Equity. We will emphasize equity in access and outcomes for all projects, with the goal of enhancing a sense of belonging in our campus community and in a specific discipline.
Transdisciplinarity. We will approach problems from a transdisciplinary perspective. ‘Transdisciplinary’ implies the holistic integration and equal weighting of multiple disciplinary perspectives (especially including the arts and humanities).

Principles that define how we work:

Evidentiality. We will make decisions based upon available evidence, which necessarily means that we will intentionally design the collection and analysis of appropriate evidence into every project at the outset.
Agility. We value responsiveness to new evidence, to new educational needs, to changes in the workforce and expected skillsets and competencies. We will also run an agile process to maximize efficiency and human capital.
Predictability. We will provide a predictable experience for our partners and grantees, who will know what to expect from us, and what is expected from them. There will be no ‘predictable’ outcomes, but the process, experience, and rationale will be clearly articulated.

If you believe in these principles and want to participate in Innovation Hub work, join us.