Professional Development for Educators: Enhancing Instruction with Extended Reality Experiences for Enhanced Learning Opportunities

Project Overview

This project focuses on developing, implementing, and evaluating professional development for Purdue faculty, staff, and TAs on extended reality (XR) technologies and teaching. XR technologies offer numerous pedagogical benefits, such as hands-on practice and authentic learning environments. However, many educators lack the knowledge or confidence to utilize these technologies effectively. This program will provide participants with professional development including a series of workshops that provide experiential learning opportunities by allowing participants to investigate various XR technologies and discover how those tools can be integrated into their instructional practice. These workshops will discuss the instructional benefits of XR technologies, provide resources and learning experiences, and guide participants in their XR integration strategy.

Project Team

  • Victoria Lowell, Clinical Associate Professor, College of Education
  • George Takahasi, Lead Visualization Scientist, Envision Center
  • Denis Uebiyev, Graduate Professional Assistant, College of Education
  • Stuart White, Lecturer, College of Science
  • Anthony Ilobinso, Research Assistant, College of Education
  • Yueqi Wng, Research Assistant, College of Education