Development and Implementation of an Augmented Reality Assessment Platform to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Technique-Based Training Simulations

Project Overview

This project is focused on the development of an augmented reality-based assessment platform with emphasis on technique-based training simulations. This project is a continuation of a previously developed and validated virtual-reality training simulation focused on appropriate use of a Geiger Mueller survey meter for evaluating the presence of radioactive materials. By leveraging updated AR technology, the team will enhance and broaden applicability to any field requiring experience in detecting radiation. The key to the success of this platform lies in the development of a robust assessment strategy that focuses on both knowledge and technique in the virtual environment. The use of a built-in assessment component can help streamline the assessment process when utilizing AR technology as well as provide more robust and real-time feedback to users while performing AR simulations. The development of a single, standardized assessment platform potentially increases the feasibility of utilizing AR technique-based training simulations as an educational tool, enhancing the potential utility of AR educational training across different disciplines which can be incorporated into both in-person on online training opportunities.

Project Team

  • Kara Weatherman, Clinical Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice
  • Stylianos Chatzidakis, Assistant Professor, Department of Nuclear Engineering
  • Wanju Huang, Clinical Assistant Professor, Learning Design and Technology