Become a Partner

Purdue’s Center for Professional Selling is the experiential learning hub for undergraduate students seeking to improve and perfect their sales skills. The Center partners with industry leaders to provide students with activities and guidance that they may use to polish their skill set.

The Center for Professional Selling cannot do its job without the support of our corporate partners who are invested in producing and hiring quality salespeople. Not only do partners provide financial support, but their physical presence is valuable, providing real-time feedback and coaching as well as insight into the potential of a sales career. Partnerships with the Center are designed for a variety of organizations that desire to capture the benefits of being engaged with a leading sales program. The information about the partnerships below is also available as a PDF download.

Boilermaker special — $30,000

The Boilermaker Special is ideal for companies that are passionate about the value of a sales career with a desire to support students in their development as they move into the job market. The Boilermaker Special can be completely customized through a unique set of events and activities to ensure the needs of your organization.

  • Design new student events, classroom activities or invest in highly impactful, multiyear endeavors to foster sales industry functionalities
  • The Boilermaker Special partner has access to all of the activities offered by the Center for Professional Selling
  • A unique opportunity to engage in an undergraduate research project
    • Projects that are designed around the partner’s interest, developing additional partnership with sales faculty
  • Prominent brand display in the Center for Professional Selling
  • A multiyear commitment is required for this partnership

Purdue Pete Platinum — $20,000

The Purdue Pete Platinum partnership was created for companies that have regular needs for full-time and internship hiring. With a strong brand recognition, this partner gets added individualized time with students throughout the academic year.

  • All benefits from Bell Tower Bronze & Ross-Ade Silver, & Land Grant Gold Sponsorships
  • Priority invitation to participate in Student Centered Events (i.e., Athletic Training Camp)
  • Collegiate Sales Team Mentorship
  • Advisory Board*
  • Sales Leader Forum**
  • Brand Display in the Center
  • Classroom Recruiting
  • Display Case in Stewart Center (1 week/semester)
  • Preferred Sales Competition Dates
  • Access to Role-Play Videos
  • Case Competition (an optional substitute for one competition/year)
  • Video Spotlight — recruiting video on Center’s online formats

Land Grant Gold — $10,000

The Land Grant Gold partnership is perfect for companies that have a developing brand to leverage as they fulfill their full-time and/or internship recruitment goals across multiple majors at Purdue. Land Grant Gold partners take an active hand in student development as they engage students and supplement their classroom learning.

  • All benefits from the Bell Tower Bronze & Ross-Ade Silver Sponsorship
  • Networking Event
  • Brand Display in the Center (logo)
  • In the classroom — Teach to the Syllabus
  • 3-day (or 2-day) competition format (1/academic year)
  • Access to LinkedIn Purdue Sales Management Alumni Group
  • Showcase — CSR 200***
  • Showcase Reverse Career Fair Event***

Ross-Ade Silver — $5,000

The Ross-Ade Silver partnership is designed for companies that have regular recruitment goals and are ready to expand their brand’s presence as they get valuable face time with students. 

  • All Bell Tower Bronze Sponsorship benefits
  • Email blasts (promoting company employment opportunities or events)
  • 2-day competition format (1/academic year)
  • Customized, company-sponsored student social outing/event****
  • Career fair booth (Fall)
  • Display Case in Matthews (8 weeks)
  • Classroom role-plays
  • Company-sponsored lunch and learn for students on Friday***

Bell Tower Bronze — $2,500

The Bell Tower Bronze partnership is ideal for smaller companies with variable hiring needs and a desire to launch their brand at Purdue University. These partners participate in four multi-partner events per academic year.

  • In-class Resume Workshop
  • Website Job Board
  • Logo incorporation on the sales student polos
  • Sales Center Member
  • Dress for Success
  • Social media presence
  • Etiquette Dinner (one table)

Special Notes:

Your partnership dollars cover all the associated costs of the specified activities, aside from prizes or awards for sales competitions, as determined by each individual partner, and other costs as noted below:

*Charter to be developed in 2017-18 academic year.

**1-credit course available to juniors and seniors with weekly seminars by sales executives. Development in progress.

***To be developed during the 2017-18 academic year.

****Direct costs of the event paid by the sponsoring company. Unless otherwise noted, all costs associated with the events listed are covered by the partnership fee.

To discuss your company’s investment in Purdue’s Center for Professional Selling, please contact Dr. Anita Dale, Center Director, at or 765-494-6870.