Campus presence enables comprehensive engagement with our faculty, graduate students and undergrads. Due to the growth in demand for companies to have operations close to campus, Purdue recently finished construction on the Convergence Center for Innovation and Collaboration, dedicated to providing flexible and permanent space for companies to co-locate and partner with the University. Whether you’re looking for an office to house a handful of researchers or real estate to build a Midwestern facility within arm’s reach of a world-leading research institution, the Office of Industry Partnerships will help you explore the opportunities for growth at Purdue University.

To discuss co-location with Purdue, please contact us at the Office of Industry Partnerships or reach out to one of our partnership directors.

Company Resources

Whether you have a short-term business challenge or a long-term vision that requires collaboration, Purdue has the expertise and experience to drive things forward. These are some of the resources available to our corporate partners: