Use of Vehicles for University Business (IV.A.1)

Volume IV: Facilities and Safety
Chapter A: Safety
Responsible Executive: Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer
Responsible Office: Risk Management
Date Issued: March 1, 2010
Date Last Revised: September 6, 2016


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This policy applies to all Purdue University Operations worldwide. Any Vehicle driven while conducting University Business must be operated in a safe and courteous manner. Vehicles must be operated in compliance with all applicable laws and University policies.

University Vehicles are made available only for University Business (de minimis personal use is allowable). Individuals who operate any Vehicle while conducting University Business are required to meet the Minimum Driver Qualifications. In certain instances, as outlined in the Procedures for Driver Approval, Vehicle Assignment and Liability Coverage, an individual may be further required to undergo training and/or have approval from Risk Management before operating a Vehicle on University Business. Any change to an individual’s driving record that affects his or her ability to meet the Minimum Driver Qualifications must be promptly reported to the individual’s supervisor or Risk Management (e.g., traffic citations, accidents, license suspension or revocation, or medical restrictions that may interfere with the ability to drive). Purdue University reserves the right to secure an MVR check on any driver who operates a Vehicle while conducting University Business and to disallow any person to operate a Vehicle on University Business for any reason, subject to the University’s obligations to make reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act or other applicable laws.

Individuals who knowingly operate a Vehicle without complying with the provisions of this policy and its supplemental procedures and rules or otherwise fail to adhere to this policy and its supplemental procedures and rules may be deemed not to qualify for Indemnification from the University and may be subject to disciplinary action as deemed appropriate.


The use of Vehicles is necessary to almost all programs and activities of Purdue University. Given the number of Vehicles in use and the total miles driven, it is necessary to have policies in place to manage the risks associated with the use of Vehicles. The University’s primary concern is to avoid injuries and property damage to Purdue people and the general public by promoting the safe operation of Vehicles used for University Business. Accidents may cause injuries, fatalities, and property damage, and may also result in claims against the University arising from third party liability, property damage, worker’s compensation injuries, and business interruption.

This document establishes University policy for operating any Vehicle while conducting University Business. It defines the procedures that are in place to minimize the potential for accidents and losses, and serves as a guide to departments in managing those Vehicles under their control.


All units, Students, faculty, staff and Volunteers of the University.


There are no units or persons excluded from the requirements of this policy.


Administrators, Managers, and Supervisors

  • Implement this policy and take appropriate steps to obtain compliance with this policy by those Employees, Students, and Volunteers under their supervision and control. Ensure fleet safety and compliance with the provisions of this policy within their respective units.
  • Allocate appropriate resources for maintenance of University Fleet Vehicles under their inventory control.

Employees, Students and Volunteers

  • Operate any Vehicle being used by them on University Business in a safe and courteous manner in compliance with all applicable laws and University policies.

Risk Management

  • Provide coordination and oversight for the University’s fleet safety program.
  • Ensure that this policy is current and in compliance with applicable federal and state rules and regulations, and with industry fleet safety practices.
  • Maintain Procedures for Driver Approval, Vehicle Assignment and Liability Coverage and Rules for Operating Vehicles.
  • Identify and provide driver safety training programs to meet the needs of the University.
  • Maintain a database of approved drivers.
  • Coordinate MVR review of drivers.
  • Coordinate insurance claims for losses involving University Vehicles.

Transportation Service (IPFW and West Lafayette) and Facilities Services (Northwest)

  • Maintain a fleet of University Fleet Vehicles for official University Business use.
  • Provide the Transportation Service Form 1 to drivers and maintain records of the signed forms.


All defined terms are capitalized throughout the document. Additional defined terms may be found in the central Policy Glossary.

Any person paid through the University’s payroll system in a position classified as regular or temporary, full-time or part-time with the exception of undergraduate and graduate student employees who are considered to be Students, rather than Employees, under this policy.

The process or policy by which the University agrees to protect an individual from any threatened or asserted claims, actions, suits, or proceedings due to the nature of his or her relationship with the University. See the Trustees of Purdue University Policy on Indemnification.

Minimum Driver Qualifications

  1. Possess a valid US or Canadian driver’s license with a classification appropriate to the type of Vehicle being driven, or a valid license from another country where a Vehicle is being operated.
  2. Be at least 18 years of age and have one year of licensed driving experience prior to driving on University Business.
  3. Have an “acceptable” driving record, as defined by Risk Management (MVR Grading Grid).

Motor Vehicle Record, a report that typically contains information about a person’s driving history, including information about traffic violations, accidents, etc.

Personal Vehicle
Any vehicle other than those owned or leased by Purdue University, or rented from a commercial car rental agency by an Employee, Student or Volunteer while on official University Business

Purdue University Operations
All Purdue University offices and campuses, state-wide technology programs, county extension programs, and any other program or activity conducted in the name of Purdue University.

Risk Management
The University's Risk Management Department. Visit their Web site at

Any person whose main purpose for being at the University is the pursuit of his or her education, including any person employed in a position classified as a “student employee."

Take-Home Vehicle
Any University Fleet Vehicle assigned to a specific employee for his or her exclusive use due to the requirements of his or her position.

University Business
Activities (including travel) engaged in on behalf of Purdue University.

University Fleet Vehicle
Any Vehicle owned or leased by Purdue University.

University Vehicle
Any University Fleet Vehicle and any Vehicle rented from a commercial car rental agency by an Employee, Student or Volunteer while on official University Business

For purposes of this policy, any person not classified as an Employee or Student, who is acting on behalf of the University. This includes, but is not limited to, any individual in a position classified as non-pay.

Any motorized form of transportation that is licensed for use on public roadways. This includes Personal Vehicles, Take-Home Vehicles, University Fleet Vehicles and University Vehicles.



MVR Grading Grid

Procedures for Driver Approval, Vehicle Assignment and Liability Coverage (PDF)

Rules Concerning Use of Vehicles (PDF)


Related Policies




September 6, 2016: The policy was updated to the new template, which required removal of the procedures to a separate document. The definitions of Authorized Driver, Carts and Transportation Service were eliminated. Clarification of requirements for drivers was added to the Statement of Policy, along with responsibilities for Employees, Students and Volunteers. The prohibition on motorcycles, scooters and mopeds was removed. Responsibilities for transportation and facilities services were aligned with the scope of the policy.

November 18, 2011: Policy number changed to IV.A.1 (formerly I.2.1) and website address updated. References and links to passenger van training updated throughout and links to other policies updated.

March 1, 2010: This is the first policy to address this issue.


There are no appendices to this policy.

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