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Alan Min

Alan Min

2017 Goldwater Scholar


West Lafayette, IN


Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science


College of Science


Alan Min is studying mathematics, statistics, and computer science at the College of Science. “Science has never been solely for advancing knowledge,” he explained. “I want to bring to reality the profound effects that scientific research can have on society.”


Purdue faculty members say Min is tackling that goal with academic preparedness and research aptitude rivaling most first-year Ph.D. students. During a Research Experience for Undergraduates directed by Dr. Hans U. Walther, Professor of Mathematics, Min accomplished what even graduate students may not attempt, that is, he came to understand the basic principles of Intersection Theory. Min also served as a mathematics teaching assistant for Dr. Walther, though Min never took himself; instead, he learned the material independently to the point where he could teach it.


Dr. Doraiswami Ramkrishna, Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering, observed: “Alan’s notable enthusiasm for the work is exceptional because he goes well over the domain suggested to him.”


In addition to performing mathematical modeling with Dr. Ramkrishna, Min expanded his skills in experimental biophysics by collaborating between the Ramkrishna research group and the lab of Chongli Yuan, Associate Professor at the Davidson School of Chemical Engineering. “I believe with the proper training and guidance,” Dr. Yuan said, “Alan is going to outgrow us and become a leading star in his research field.”


Min is a member of Purdue Science Ambassadors and has participated in the Purdue Statistics Living Learning Community, an NSF-funded year-long program for sophomores focused on data analysis, statistics, and methods of probability theory.