July 6, 2017 by Hemali Chhapial, also highlighted in the July 2017 Colombia Purdue Newsletter

Engineering education researchers have developed a method to assess the effectiveness of instructors who are using an innovative teaching approach that could play a role in boosting the number and quality of engineering graduates.

The Purdue Mechanics Freeform Classroom allows students in challenging engineering courses to access hundreds of instructional videos and animations while encouraging interaction with each other and faculty online. The approach is helping sophomore-level students overcome daunting challenges in core engineering courses. However, engineering education researchers need a scientific method to assess how well instructors are using the Freeform Classroom. A new assessment method is detailed in a research paper being presented during the American Society for Engineering Education’s 124th Annual Conference & Exposition, June 25 – 28 in Columbus, Ohio. The paper, entitled “What Does a Class Meeting Entail?” won the ASEE Mechanics Division Best Paper Award…

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