MEERCat’s current initiatives include:

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“Revitalizing the academic success of engineering scholars worldwide”

 Revolutionizing Engineering Departments (RED) Industry-University Research Consortium
Increasing engineering retention, particularly in core disciplinary classes is a key national concern. Empirical studies indicate that Active learning structures, Blended learning models, and Collaborative learning opportunities (ABC) can enhance achievement and retention in undergraduate STEM. to date, efforts to employ ABC tools have been largely limited to first year introductory and gateway courses in undergraduate STEM, neglecting deep core classes in the middle two years of study, which are major sources of stopout and underperformance.

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Calls for transformation in engineering education over the past twenty years have been frequent, persistent, and forceful, with a specific emphasis on the skills required for the Professional Formation of Engineers (PFE). Well-trained engineers moving swiftly along the PFE continuum and capable of leading in a complex, globalized world will own the future. Revolutionary change simply cannot occur until we address two crucial facets of our academic organization: emotion and culture.

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In Fall 2017, MEERCat is creating an Industry-University Research Consortium to deeply collaborate with industry partners focusing on the undergraduate-to-workforce transition. These transitions are filled with costly challenges (both time and money) for all stakeholders, and many unresolved research questions are ripe for exploration.

We seek passionate partners to work with us on key research questions. Contact us at to learn more.