– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –Graduate Students– – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Nick Stites

Nick Stites is pursuing a PhD in Engineering Education at Purdue University. His research interests include the development of novel pedagogical methods to teach core engineering courses and leveraging technology to enhance learning experiences. Nick holds a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering and has eight years of engineering experience. He also has four years of experience as an adjunct instructor at the community-college and research-university level.




David Evenhouse

David Evenhouse is a Graduate Student and Research Assistant in the Purdue School of Engineering Education. He graduated from Calvin College in the Spring of 2015 with a B.S.E. concentrating in Mechanical Engineering. Experiences during his undergraduate years included a semester in Spain, taking classes at the Universidad de Oviedo and the Escuela Politécnica de Ingenieria de Gijón, as well as multiple internships in Manufacturing and Quality Engineering. His current work primarily investigates the effects of select emergent pedagogies upon student and instructor performance and experience at the collegiate level. Other interests include engineering ethics, engineering philosophy, and the intersecting concerns of engineering industry and higher academia.


Rohit Kandakatla

Rohit Kandakatla is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in School of Engineering Education at Purdue University. He has his bachelors and masters in Electrical Engineering from India. He is also the Vice-President of Student Engagement for the International Federation for Engineering Education Societies (IFEES) and has been an active member in the international engineering education community while serving as the President of Student Platform for Engineering Education Development (SPEED). His research interests include education policy, higher education capacity building, integration of technology and entrepreneurship in engineering education, and service learning.



Amy Dunford

Amy is a Ph.D. student and research assistant in the School of Engineering Education at Purdue University. Her research interests are in assessment and curriculum design that promote conceptual understanding of engineering science content. She completed her B.S. in mechanical and aerospace engineering, then her M.S. specializing in thermal systems at the University of California, Irvine. Amy was a graduate student teacher and tutor for one year followed by two years as an instructor and curriculum developer in the first-year engineering program before joining Purdue Engineering Education.



Hassan Al Yagoub

Hassan Al Yagoub is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Engineering Education at Purdue University. He holds a his a BS and MS in mechanical engineering from the UW-Milwaukee and Georgia Tech respectively. Prior to his doctoral studies, Hassan worked for 5 years at GE where he graduate from both their EEDP and ACE leadership programs. In addition to his most recent role as fleet management engineer, Hassan worked on corporate cultural change initiatives along with developing technical training series for new hires and interns. Hassan research interests include organizational cultural change, advising & mentoring, and engineering career pathways.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –Undergraduate Students– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Matthew Ball

Kennedy Clark

Yuqin (Sophia) Duan

Kian Farahbakhshian

Hannah Hawkins

Kayleigh Mann

Garrett Stocksdale

Austin Zadoks

Delaney Barber

Morgon Cosby

Shen Duan

Sarah Gustafson

Shane Koppold

Rhea Manocha

Daniel Schembri Wismayer