June 4, 2017 by Dave Stephens

Since he began using Gradescope, an online grading application, Ed Berger says he has reduced the amount of time he spends grading about 30 percent.

But that efficiency says Berger, an associate professor of both Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Education, isn’t even the best part. Gradescope has improved the way he grades.

“Gradescope allows me to define and apply really detailed rubrics effectively,” Berger says, “which I’ve found to be even more useful than the time savings, which alone is tremendous.”

Faculty and instructors are invited to learn more about Gradescope during the June 13 Tech Today event in Grissom Hall, Room 102. A light lunch will be provided along with a presentation about using Solstice Pod technology – a way to connect devices wirelessly in the classroom. Space is limited and registration is recommended.

Gradescope allows students or instructors to upload assignments to its online platform, and instructors then grade assignments using a tablet PC and an internet connection. The platform lets instructors create a well-defined grading rubric to identify errors, and provides a detailed analysis of where students did well and where they struggled.

The streamlined process alone – no flipping pages, no stacks of exams to sort through – greatly improves grading efficiency, says Berger.

“Where before it would have taken 15 hours to grade all of my exams, I can now do it in about 10,” Berger says. “And I’ve heard from others who say they’ve reduced their time spent grading by up to 50 percent, depending upon the kind of assignment they’re grading.”

ITaP’s Teaching and Learning Technologies team is looking for instructors interested in piloting Gradescope in their courses for the fall semester. Anyone interested in using Gradescope can attend the June 13 event or send an email to tlt@purdue.edu.

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