International Education Week

November 13-17, 2023

International Education Week (IEW), a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education, is celebrated annually the third week in November in the U.S. and 100 countries around the world, and is an opportunity for schools and universities to showcase the benefits of international education and promote international and cultural exchange at their institutions.

This year at Purdue University various colleges and units have come together to offer a week of engaging activities and events for the Purdue community. All students, faculty and staff are invited to attend!

 International Education Week



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Monday, November 13

12:00 pm: International Research Adventures - Professor Michele Buzon will talk about her involvement in educational opportunities and exciting research around the world. Her training and work focus on archaeological excavation and analysis to reconstruct the lives of people who lived in the ancient Nile River Valley. She will discuss her recent research in Sudan and her collaborative efforts in building successful long-term projects. Site link: Tombos.org

Professor Pijanowski’s professional goal is to record the Earth in order to discover how sound can help us to understand nature better. Using advanced digital sound recording technologies, a backpack, two legs – along with trains, planes, jeeps, boats, horses, rickshaws, snowmobiles, and other modes to navigate the globe – he has now collected 10 million recordings from some of the most exotic spaces of this marvelous planet. A short presentation of his research will be made using sound recordings that feature a 1000-species dawn chorus in Borneo, the haunting sounds of melting glaciers in Patagonia, mysterious underwater neotropical pond sounds, and the inspirational nature praise-giving songs of Mongolian herders.
Location: Innovation Forum. HCRN

7:00 pm: Improv Comedy Show - The Crazy Monkeys - This show, tailored specifically for student travelers, will rely heavily on audience participation. Come ready to laugh and to provide suggestions relating to your international/intercultural experiences to the performers.
Location: Matthews 210

Tuesday, November 14

12pm - 1:30pm: Opportunities at the Intersection of Research and Social Impact - The world we live in is burdened with many socio-economic and environmental challenges. These are complex multi-disciplinary issues that cannot be solved by the knowledge and resources of one group alone. Many of these issues require universities, government, the social sector, and the private sector to collaborate and share their unique strengths, knowledge, and lived experiences. The elements of multi-disciplinary research or best practices of collaboration building are not easily taught in the classroom; these are learned by working in a cross-cultural environment with multi-disciplinary teams by practicing deep listening, empathy, and mutual respect.

LASER PULSE, a $70 M USAID-funded program has been conducting this work systematically for the past five years. The program has brought together 45+ diverse cross-sector teams of researchers, students, policymakers, donors, and private sectors in 21+ countries, and has helped them build strong collaborations to achieve a common goal of conducting rigorous research in international development. The issues that such cross-sector teams work on span challenges like agriculture & food security, democracy & human rights, economic growth, education, climate change, humanitarian assistance, water & sanitation, conflict and violence prevention, and many such critical issues. In this session, the panel will reflect on the program’s past five years of experience as well as their individual project experiences, and discuss opportunities for student engagement, as well as the value proposition LASER PULSE, and programs like it, provide to student learning and their career.

Professor Stacey Connaughton, Director, Purdue Policy Research Institute
Pallavi Gupta, Program Director, LASER PULSE
Professor Yuehwern Yih, Director, LASER PULSE
Location: Innovation Forum, HCRN

5:00 pm: Stories Across Borders - Come join other staff and students as we reflect on the fun, mistakes, and learning experiences of study abroad. Whether you were studying outside the United States or are an international student studying at Purdue, come share your stories over some food. Additionally, we will share about current opportunities across campus to get abroad as affordably as possible! Food provided.
Location: Innovation Forum, HCRN

6:30pm: Exploring World Heritage Sites in Iran - Dr. Hossein Mousazadeh will use an immersive display technology - the VisionPort - to take us on a journey to the hottest place on Earth: the Lut Desert. He’ll, then, introduce us to a piece of centuries-old Iranian engineering – the Persian Qanat. These wonders of community engineering have been used to create channels of irrigation over long distances and have been the basis of flourishing agricultural communities in the middle of an arid desert. Dr. Mousazadeh will speak to us about the sites and about working with local communities to develop tourism, community development and community engagement in the area. This promises to be a rare immersive and hands-on learning experience.
Location: Innovation Forum, HCRN

Wednesday, November 15

5:30 PM: Climate Solutions: Learning from Brazil’s Ethanol Framework - Purdue Fulbright Visting Scholar Dr. Danilo de Aguiar will discuss his research into the lessons that can be drawn from the success of Brazil’s Ethanol policy framework. His research work during his time at Purdue has explored the opportunities for climate mitigation in a policy framework that is able to benefit multiple stakeholders. He’ll be joined on the panel by Prof. Fabio H. Ribeiro, Prof. of Chemical Engineering who will place Dr. Aguiar’s work within the broader landscape of climate solutions.
Location: Innovation Forum, HCRN

Thursday, November 16

2:30pm:  Zamorano-Purdue Internship Program - Three visiting undergraduate students from Zamorano University in Honduras will present about their experiences at Zamorano and their internship at Purdue. Interns represent El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala.
Location: PFEN 241

5:30pm - 7:30 pm: Global Food Night and Trivia - Join the Purdue Malaysian, Myanmar, Thai, and Japanese Associations as we try various national dishes, for FREE! In addition, compete in the Global Trivia Challenge. Teams of 2-5 must be present and registered by 6pm. Trivia will begin promptly at 6:05pm. Prizes will be provided to the top two teams. 
Location: Honors Hall, HCRN

Friday, November 17

9:00am - 3:00pm: Agriculture Study Abroad: Snacking Around the World - Taste some international snacks while learning about study abroad opportunities. Stop in when you are able to hear leaders promote the upcoming programs and listen to students share their past international experiences.
Location: AGAD 128

12:30pm - 2pm: Building Multidisciplinary Research Partnerships - Purdue University and the Universidad Nacional de San Agustín (UNSA) in Arequipa, Peru, are partners in a bold cooperative technical alliance program with its flagship research, capacity and capability building initiative: the Arequipa Nexus Institute for Food, Water, Energy, and the Environment (Nexus Institute). The partnership has focused on co-development of targeted technical and research infrastructure to support a network of interrelated, interdisciplinary research projects. The projects addressed a variety of challenges in the areas of food security and safety, water and air quality, energy efficiency, soil health and productivity, social conflict identification and resolution models, and holistic watershed management.

Gary Burniske, Assistant Director for Program Development, International Programs in Agriculture, will discuss capacity building for tackling food and nutrition insecurity in Peru with UNSA faculty – lessons learned and prospects for the future.

Professor Chad Jafvert will speak about his research under the NEXUS Institute on monitoring metals and metalloids in rivers in the Arequipa area, as well as his overall experience performing research in Latin America, China, and Kenya.
Location: Innovation Forum, HCRN

6:00pm - 8:00pm: International Expo and Game Night - International Student Services (ISS) is hosting International Expo and Game Night, which will be a combination of learning about other cultures and countries through poster presentations, playing board games, meeting new people, and trying candy and sweets from around the world. You can choose a game from our wide selection of international games or bring your own to play!
Location: Honors Hall, HCRN

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