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Retiree Recognition

Retirement is an important step in life’s journey – a time of new choices. Purdue has recognized its faculty and staff with the status of Official Retiree since 1975. We honor our retirees as they begin their next giant leap into retirement, and we wish you all the best.

DAVID E ALLISON Administrative Operations 11/29/2022
CHRISTIAN S ARIHOOD Administrative Operations 4/1/2023
JOSEPH A ARNETT Administrative Operations 5/1/2023
RICK L BAKER Administrative Operations 6/1/2023
MATTHEW BARBEE Administrative Operations 9/1/2022
ROBERT A BISHER Administrative Operations 12/31/2022
SUSAN E BLACK Administrative Operations 10/1/2022
JEFFREY A BRADY Administrative Operations 2/1/2023
ESTHER M BUNCH Administrative Operations 6/1/2023
GUIFANG CHEN Administrative Operations 1/14/2023
JOHN KENNETH COX Administrative Operations 8/1/2022
MAX M DELONG Administrative Operations 1/28/2023
KEVIN E DENNY Administrative Operations 6/16/2023
KEVIN E DENNY Administrative Operations 6/17/2023
RACHAEL E DERUDDER Administrative Operations 2/2/2023
CAROL W FARRELL Administrative Operations 1/1/2023
CARLOS FLORES Administrative Operations 7/1/2022
FRANK L GILL Administrative Operations 2/18/2023
DONALD W GOINS Administrative Operations 1/1/2023
ROBERT W GOLDEN Administrative Operations 6/1/2023
BAOHUA GU Administrative Operations 1/13/2023
J SCOTT HELMKAMP Administrative Operations 1/7/2023
BRUCE E HIGH Administrative Operations 9/1/2022
JANET L IGO Administrative Operations 7/1/2023
LINDA L KLINGER Administrative Operations 4/29/2023
MILLARD R LEMING Administrative Operations 8/6/2022
RANDALL K LUFF Administrative Operations 1/4/2023
SANDRA J LUFF Administrative Operations 1/4/2023
LUIS MARTINEZ Administrative Operations 8/20/2022
GREGORY W MATTOX Administrative Operations 5/30/2023
ROBERT T MEREDITH Administrative Operations 11/2/2022
MICHAEL L PAGE Administrative Operations 6/1/2023
LINDA K PEDIGO Administrative Operations 9/10/2022
LINDA R PETERS Administrative Operations 2/1/2023
KEVIN M PLY Administrative Operations 1/1/2023
LOUISE A ROBSON Administrative Operations 7/30/2022
CHRISTINA R RUDISAIL Administrative Operations 9/1/2022
EDWARD J RUSSELL Administrative Operations 3/21/2023
RONALD L SATTLER Administrative Operations 4/29/2023
ANDREW C SCHULTZ Administrative Operations 1/4/2023
SHARON R SCOTT Administrative Operations 6/1/2023
RONALD D SEWARD Administrative Operations 10/1/2022
CAROL A SHELBY Administrative Operations 7/1/2022
AARON L TANKSLEY Administrative Operations 10/1/2022
DAVID J WADE Administrative Operations 12/15/2022
LINDA K WESLEY Administrative Operations 2/1/2023
VICKI   WINGER Administrative Operations 1/1/2023
EDWARD C HLAVA Centers & Institutes 1/1/2023
DONALD L MATTHEWS Centers & Institutes 3/1/2023
SUSAN A MCCREERY Centers & Institutes 4/4/2023
MARK L ALKIRE College of Agriculture 7/1/2022
HARRIET A ARMSTRONG College of Agriculture 4/1/2023
JANE ANN BEARD College of Agriculture 2/1/2023
MARIANNE BISCHOFF GRAY College of Agriculture 7/1/2023
CATHERINE L BOERSTE College of Agriculture 3/21/2023
SCOTT E BRAND College of Agriculture 6/1/2023
STEVEN G ENGLEKING College of Agriculture 1/1/2023
TIMOTHY J GIBB College of Agriculture 7/1/2023
FREDERICK S GIMBLE College of Agriculture 1/1/2023
JANIS L GOSEWEHR College of Agriculture 1/1/2023
STEPHEN EARL HAWKINS College of Agriculture 7/30/2022
MARY L HAYDEN College of Agriculture 5/15/2023
REBECCA T HOLBERT College of Agriculture 11/19/2022
LYNN M KORNIAK College of Agriculture 4/1/2023
DONNA L LOFGREN College of Agriculture 1/1/2023
ALAN G MATHEW College of Agriculture 1/1/2023
ROBERT L NIELSEN College of Agriculture 1/1/2023
MARK W ONEAL College of Agriculture 8/20/2022
LINDSEY A PURCELL College of Agriculture 7/1/2022
P SURESH C RAO College of Agriculture 1/7/2023
SANDRA S ROSSIE College of Agriculture 7/8/2022
GARY F TRAGESSER College of Agriculture 1/1/2023
BRIGITTE S WALDORF College of Agriculture 1/1/2023
PAMELA M WEDDING College of Agriculture 1/21/2023
LINNETTE C WHITE College of Agriculture 6/30/2023
ROBERT A YODER College of Agriculture 4/1/2023
SHAWN C CROMETT College of Education 7/30/2022
KIMBERLY A DEARDORFF College of Education 7/1/2022
DIANE L GUNSTRA College of Education 6/1/2023
LISA P KIRKHAM College of Education 6/1/2023
DANIEL P SHEPARDSON College of Education 5/15/2023
KELLY J ANDRONICOS College of Engineering 2/1/2023
MARK D BOWMAN College of Engineering 7/1/2023
RAYMOND J CIPRA College of Engineering 1/1/2023
ABHIJIT V DESHMUKH College of Engineering 1/1/2023
JON D FRICKER College of Engineering 7/1/2022
VICTOR P GERVAIS College of Engineering 5/15/2023
GEORGE H GOBLE College of Engineering 7/30/2022
GERALD A HAHN College of Engineering 1/1/2023
GERALD A HAHN College of Engineering 1/1/2023
JOSEPH N HOWELL College of Engineering 2/1/2023
KAI MING LI College of Engineering 8/1/2022
SAMUEL P MIDKIFF College of Engineering 7/1/2023
MARY K PILOTTE College of Engineering 5/15/2023
CARLENE C QUIRK College of Engineering 1/1/2023
P SURESH C RAO College of Engineering 1/7/2023
CALVIN C RECK College of Engineering 12/3/2022
RUTH A STREVELER College of Engineering 5/15/2023
OLEG WASYNCZUK College of Engineering 1/1/2023
DANNY J WHITE College of Engineering 1/1/2023
JAMES P WHITFORD College of Engineering 1/1/2023
BABAK   ZIAIE College of Engineering 2/1/2023
KAREN J ATCHESON College of Health & Human Sciences 6/1/2023
ELIZABETH A BARONOWSKY College of Health & Human Sciences 4/30/2023
MICKI L BYRD College of Health & Human Sciences 7/1/2023
CAROLE B DEHAVEN College of Health & Human Sciences 6/1/2023
MELANIE J DUNN College of Health & Human Sciences 12/22/2022
EHTIBAR N DZHAFAROV College of Health & Human Sciences 5/15/2023
JANICE R KELLY College of Health & Human Sciences 6/1/2023
JOSEPH M LA LOPA College of Health & Human Sciences 1/1/2023
TERRY L POWLEY College of Health & Human Sciences 6/1/2023
JAMES M TYLER College of Health & Human Sciences 1/1/2023
PHYLLIS D ZICKMUND College of Health & Human Sciences 4/1/2023
THOMAS F BRODEN College of Liberal Arts 8/1/2022
ROBIN P CLAIR College of Liberal Arts 5/7/2023
JOSEPH C DORSEY College of Liberal Arts 8/16/2022
SANDOR GOODHART College of Liberal Arts 1/7/2023
LISA KAREN HARTMAN College of Liberal Arts 6/1/2023
KRISTINE J HOLTVEDT College of Liberal Arts 1/1/2023
CANDACE L LAWSON College of Liberal Arts 8/1/2022
AMY J MANNING College of Liberal Arts 5/15/2023
WILLIAM L MCBRIDE College of Liberal Arts 5/15/2023
JILL M QUIRK College of Liberal Arts 6/1/2023
MATILDA B STOKES College of Liberal Arts 7/1/2022
WHITNEY WALTON College of Liberal Arts 5/16/2023
KARLA J WELCHANS College of Liberal Arts 6/10/2023
ALAN P FARKAS College of Pharmacy 8/18/2022
JOSEPH   THOMAS College of Pharmacy 11/1/2022
MICHAEL E BALDWIN College of Science 5/15/2023
JEFFREY A BECKLEY College of Science 1/1/2023
MARK E BROWNING College of Science 5/15/2023
BETTY G COTTRELL College of Science 1/18/2023
WILLIAM A CRAMER College of Science 7/1/2022
OWEN K DAVIS College of Science 1/1/2023
LOUIS DE BRANGES DE BOURCIA College of Science 1/1/2023
DONNA M FEKETE College of Science 7/1/2022
SANDY J FORMICA College of Science 1/1/2023
SHERYL L KELLY College of Science 2/1/2023
RUSSELL LOGSDON College of Science 1/4/2023
CATHERINE L MCINTYRE College of Science 1/1/2023
ROBERT L NOWACK College of Science 1/1/2023
LYNN A RIDER College of Science 1/1/2023
DANIEL P SHEPARDSON College of Science 5/15/2023
LOUIS A SHERMAN College of Science 7/1/2022
KIYA A SMITH College of Science 10/1/2022
CALVIN N STEUSSY College of Science 7/1/2023
PAIGE A ALLEN College of Veterinary Medicine 7/1/2023
WILSON E GWIN College of Veterinary Medicine 5/1/2023
REGINA A KREISLE College of Veterinary Medicine 7/1/2022
REGINA A KREISLE College of Veterinary Medicine 7/1/2022
JAYNE R RAYMAN College of Veterinary Medicine 6/1/2023
STEPHANIE R TERRY College of Veterinary Medicine 1/1/2023
LISA K WRIGHT College of Veterinary Medicine 9/1/2022
BARBARA J ALDER Engagement 9/1/2022
MARILYN RUTH JOHNSTON Engagement 6/1/2023
JANET M MAUCK Enrollment Management 5/6/2023
MARLA K SOPOSKY Enrollment Management 2/25/2023
PEGGY J M WIER Enrollment Management 5/1/2023
First Name Last Name Organizational Unit Retirement Date
KAREN J BARNARD Finance 7/1/2023
LYNN R BETZ Finance 4/1/2023
SALLY JEAN CARTER Finance 4/22/2023
EDITH M DOLAND Finance 4/1/2023
JUDY A HANNA Finance 1/1/2023
CARL C HORNER Finance 7/1/2022
KAREN S LUX Finance 1/4/2023
BARBARA A MEIHLS Finance 1/1/2023
DEBBIE K MIETHKE Finance 7/1/2022
DIANA K SLUCTER Finance 4/8/2023
DEBRA S FELLURE Graduate School 6/1/2023
TRIENNA L WALKER Graduate School 7/1/2023
MICHAEL P DICKEY Information Technology 8/6/2022
JAN ANDERS JOHANSSON Information Technology 5/27/2023
LINDA L KIRSCH Information Technology 5/1/2023
JON M MILLER Information Technology 8/2/2022
JUDITH RANTZ Information Technology 7/1/2022
BERNARD M THOMPSON Information Technology 1/4/2023
MICHELE W BROST Intercollegiate Athletics 1/21/2023
DEVON O BROUSE Intercollegiate Athletics 7/1/2022
NANCY L CROSS Intercollegiate Athletics 7/1/2022
WILLIAM C HALL Intercollegiate Athletics 11/1/2022
DANIEL P ROSS Intercollegiate Athletics 7/1/2023
DOUGLAS SHORT Intercollegiate Athletics 7/1/2022
SHARON K VERSYP Intercollegiate Athletics 7/1/2022
DARYL SCOTT BRANDT Libraries 10/1/2022
ROBERT S FREEMAN Libraries 7/2/2022
LAURA A PATNAUDE Libraries 10/1/2022
DEBORAH J MEARS North Central Nursing Clinics 9/20/2022
MITCHELL E DANIELS Office of the President 1/1/2023
First Name Last Name Organizational Unit Retirement Date
PETER HOLLENBECK Office of the Provost 7/1/2023
STEVEN R ABEL Partnerships 7/1/2023
FRED W CAMPBELL Polytechnic Institute 5/27/2023
TIMOTHY R COOLEY Polytechnic Institute 1/1/2023
RICK L HOMKES Polytechnic Institute 1/1/2023
MICHAEL D KANE Polytechnic Institute 1/1/2023
HELEN A MCNALLY Polytechnic Institute 9/1/2022
DENNIS O OWEN Polytechnic Institute 8/1/2022
BRENDA H SHEETS Polytechnic Institute 4/29/2023
First Name Last Name Organizational Unit Retirement Date
KATHY GREENWOOD Purdue Online 1/1/2023
KEMAL ALTINKEMER School of Management 1/6/2023
JOHN M BARRON School of Management 8/15/2022
PEGGY L BLESSING School of Management 6/1/2023
ROBERT L HOLLAND School of Management 1/1/2023
ANANTH V IYER School of Management 8/1/2022
ERIK G PROPS School of Management 6/10/2023
A CHARLENE SULLIVAN School of Management 7/2/2022
THERESA A WEILBAKER Sponsored Program Services 6/10/2023
WILLIAM B ALLISON Student Life 7/1/2022
JUDY R BOWER Student Life 2/1/2023
HARRY E BROWN Student Life 7/1/2022
MERCEDES C DEVAULT Student Life 1/1/2023
DEBRA K HAYNES Student Life 9/22/2022
SUSAN MELSON HUFFMAN Student Life 2/1/2023
STEVEN H JONKER Student Life 7/1/2022
MARY JANE A MARTIN Student Life 10/1/2022
JOHN A MEYERS Student Life 11/1/2022
HOI W PHUNG Student Life 7/6/2022
MICHAEL D SHETTLE Student Life 6/1/2023
BARBARA J SPURGEON Student Life 7/31/2022
MARY-ANN   WARF Student Life 1/28/2023
JAMES S ALMOND Treasurer and CFO 7/1/2022
JANICE A INDRUTZ Treasurer and CFO 1/1/2023
JAN G EBERLE Vice President Research 9/1/2022
BETH A TUCKER Vice President Research 1/4/2023
RITA J BAKER Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning Technologies 6/1/2023
SUSAN L BROWN Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning Technologies 4/1/2023