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Career Path

Building a career at Purdue starts with understanding where your job fits today and what potential paths are available for the future. To help with this Purdue created a job family structure.

Purdue’s career framework and compensation structure for staff positions is organized by job families, job subfamilies, career streams, career stream levels and jobs. This framework lays the foundation for clarity in staff roles, career paths and compensation potential. The best place to start in creating your career path at Purdue is with an understanding of the job family structure.


Once you have an understanding of job families, subfamilies, career streams and career stream levels, the next step is to think about what jobs might be a good fit for your skills, abilities and interests. To help with this, Purdue created the Career Path Maker. It’s an easy to use tool that allows you to view the full catalog of staff jobs that exist at Purdue. You can search by job title, job family, career stream, job code, pay band, etc. It’s a great way to think about where the next step in your career progression might be and what steps you need to take to develop the skills, knowledge, attitude, and experience to get there.


Once you’ve identified the career path you’d like to take, you’ll want to be on the lookout for potential position openings that match the job family, subfamily, career stream, career stream level and/or jobs on your chosen path. Visit the Job Search page to learn more about how to do this.