Financial Literacy – Learn the Basics to Improve your Financial Health

Financial literacy is the ability to understand and effectively use various financial skills, including personal financial management, budgeting and investing.” – Investopedia

Improving financial understanding, which equips us with the knowledge and skills we need to manage money effectively, also supports the financial wellness pillar of the Healthy Boiler Program.

In a nutshell, strengthening our understanding of how to best manage our money can lay a solid foundation leading to improved financial health, while helping us to avoid financial pitfalls.

Many resources are available to help you along the way, including:

  • Fidelity NetBenefits website. Provides you with your specific Purdue employee retirement benefits account information. In addition to account details and alerts, this website provides a plethora of resources to help you get and keep your financial health in top shape. From personalized suggestions to improve your retirement to a digital library containing financial information in a variety of formats – articles, videos, workshops, infographics, podcasts and calculators and tools – there is sure to be a topic of interest to you.
    • To log in, you will need your NetBenefits username and password. Don’t worry if you can’t remember – or if you haven’t registered as a user yet – it’s quick and easy to do from the main screen.
    • Check out the online chat function where you can quickly chat with a Fidelity representative right then and there.
    • NetBenefits app. Take it a step further and download the app to your device to conveniently access your account information on the go.
    • Note: Email from Fidelity will come from "Your Benefits Center." Read messages from Your Benefits Center to keep up-to-date on important retirement plan news.
  • Fidelity’s Money Check up. Log in to take an easy 3- to 5-minute quiz to see customized next steps, articles, tools and point solution links to take action.
  • 7 credit card tips. Learn tips about maximizing credit card rewards and avoiding debt.
  • 10 top money tips. Tips to help simplify money issues you might be facing.
  • Fidelity’s Financial Checkup. Answer a few questions to get a personal action plan for improving your financial wellness.
  • Play 5 Money Musts. Game time! Get in the driver’s seat and help a “friend” figure out the money stuff via a game, which helps prevent mistakes in real life. Play the game.
  • Fidelity’s Learning Lab Library. Dedicated to supporting teachers in their instruction of financial literacy concepts to their students, these important financial lessons can be passed on to the children in your family.
  • MyMoney. A free service provided by the Division of Financial Aid (DFA), Purdue MyMoney can be used as a resource for those in the Purdue community who have financial literacy questions and looking for helpful ways to handle financial situations faced in everyday life.
    • For instance, the MyMoney website offers resources for parents, teachers, college students and K-12, along with money saving strategies and financial planning information. Visit the MyMoney website at for details. Those with questions can call to 765-494-5050 or email
  • Free credit counseling session. Get a free, one-on-one credit counseling session with Money Management International (MMI)
  • Why Financial Literacy is So Important. Article provides helpful information to help individuals prepare as financial decision-making grows more complex.
  • 5 Articles to Refresh Your Financial Literacy. Articles provide key concepts to secure your financial future.