Helpful, free decision-making tools available for open enrollment 2020

As you make decisions for your 2020 benefits, Human Resources – Benefits provides a few helpful tools to help you through the decision-making process.

  1. New this year, Core Analytics by Benefitfocus. Deciding which medical plan will work best for you (and your family if applicable) for 2020 can be challenging. To help you look ahead, Core Analytics, a new medical plan evaluation tool that can be customized with your data, is available to you. This free tool allows you to view all of Purdue’s medical plans and estimate your costs for 2020 based on your claims over the past 12 months. As you use the tool, please remember that for 2020 the Purdue Health Plan (PPO) is only available to those currently on the plan.

    Your data is in the system and only you can see it – so you don’t have to figure out the claim costs yourself. Core Analytics also allows you the option to estimate tax savings when using a Health Savings Account (HSA). With this data available to you, can compare the plans and see how they stack up in regards to your individual (and family if applicable) needs.

    To access Core Analytics, you will log into Benefitfocus during open enrollment (Tuesday, October 29 through Tuesday, November 12 at 6 p.m.) and click on the pop-up to have help choosing the right plan. From there, you can:

    • View Usage You can review using your Actual Usage over the last 12 months, or you can choose the Customize usage option, which allows you to personalize your data. New employees (since October 2018) will see Purdue’s group average instead of their own since they do not have a full year of data to show.

    • Estimate Your Tax Benefit Enter the amount you (and Purdue) will contribute to your HSA to see your tax benefit. Don’t forget to include the Healthy Boiler wellness incentive!

    • Compare Plans With a simple click, Core Analytics provides your estimated costs for each plan for 2020!

  2. Available again this year is the HSA Interactive Tool. This tool’s purpose is to help guide you through the HSA eligibility rules. You will be asked a series of “yes” / “no” questions. At the end of the questions, you will be showed your maximum allowed contributions for 2020. When calculating your HSA contributions (yours and Purdue’s), don’t forget about the 2020 Healthy Boiler Wellness incentive that is available to you. The Healthy Boiler incentive also counts toward your maximum allowed contributions.

    As a reminder, view HSA Bank’s summary of common eligible expenses that can be claimed using an HSA.

  3. Whether you’re at your desk or on the go, Anthem’s free service – Anthem Care & Cost Finder and Sydney (mobile app) – are available to you. These tools help you find doctors, check quality and compare costs all in one place. As you plan for 2020, Anthem Cost & Care Finder and Sydney can help you pick providers and know ahead what costs to expect to better help you plan.

  4. As you try to plan ahead for your healthcare needs for 2020, the resources on the Benefits Smart Healthcare web page are available to help you find the best care at the most cost-effective prices based on Purdue’s medical plans. The page provides a look at on-campus and virtual wellness options, tiered lab benefits, mental health resources, pharmacy info and referral locations for a variety of medical needs – all which are important parts of a healthcare plan to consider.

  5. In 2020, Purdue is offering HealthSync, a groundbreaking network of high-performing healthcare providers dedicated to personalized, value-based care. The new HealthSync provider network offers patient-focused care and lower costs. You will be able to choose providers from the Anthem PPO network as you have in the past or value-based care providers within the HealthSync network. The 2020 Medical Premiums & Plan Coverage shows how the HealthSync network aligns within the plans. See the HealthSync Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

    Curious about providers? Take a look at the HealthSync statewide providers or search for a HealthSync provider.

  6. The dedicated enrollment web page – which in itself is a helpful tool – also provides a “Resources” section where you will find schedules for walk-in labs for all three campuses, presentations you can view and download, videos, forms and contact information for all three campuses to help you through open enrollment 2020.


Any questions should be directed to Human Resources – Benefits at your respective campus.

  • West Lafayette campus: Email hr@purdue.eduor via secure email at HR Help or call 765-494-2222 or toll-free at 877-725-0222.
  • Fort Wayne campus: Email: hr@pfw.eduor call 260-481-6840.
  • PNW Westville and Hammond campuses: Email: hr@pnw.eduor call 219-989-2251.