Benefits for 2020: Employee feedback helpful, detailed information coming soon

Following open enrollment last fall, more than 1,550 employees gave us their input on our benefits open enrollment survey. Thanks to all who participated! Your feedback matters—and we take it seriously. In fact, you’ve already seen some changes and will continue to see changes throughout this fall’s open enrollment period as a direct result of the survey feedback.

Here is what you told us you like about Purdue benefits:

  • Comprehensive coverage (medical, dental and vision)
  • Affordability and the health savings accounts (including Purdue’s contribution)
  • Plan options and in-network options
  • Healthy Boiler program and incentives
  • Large number of in-network doctors
  • Low-cost services at the Center for Healthy Living (CHL) on Purdue’s West Lafayette campus
  • Prescription drug coverage with CVS

You also told us some things you want to see in the future:

  • More time to review benefits information
  • Continued availability of spousal coverage
  • Expanded mental health resources
  • Modified tier structure for premiums
  • Improved Healthy Boiler portal
  • More cost control without compromising quality benefits
  • More availability of nutritious food on campus
  • Expanded hours and services at the CHL
  • Work-life integration (flexibility, ability to work remotely)
Planned changes for improvement

The survey also revealed your awareness and usage of some key services. For example, while 94.8 percent of employees are aware of the Healthy Boiler incentive program, only slightly more than half (56.4 percent) are participants. Additionally, only about half of you (52.7 percent) were aware that you can establish a relationship with a primary care physician (either a physician or nurse practitioner) at the Center for Healthy Living (CHL). Those results reflect that while there is a high-level of awareness around Healthy Boiler, that’s not the case with primary care at the CHL. As we move forward, we will work to raise awareness on the perks of participating in the Healthy Boiler Program as well as great benefits available to you and your family at the CHL.

What’s coming for 2020

Along with your feedback from open enrollment last fall, numerous meetings have been held with pertinent committees across campus to provide more detailed input on the future of the health plans.   We've also been working with our partner, LHD Benefit Advisors, to conduct a benchmark survey comparing healthcare plan options. This data will help us evaluate the competitiveness of our plans with other universities and local employers, and we’ll be able to share more of that information soon.

We’re going to make some immediate changes, thanks to the feedback we have received:

  • More time to review benefit options: You told us you wanted more time to review materials and make decisions. So, you will start to see detailed information coming out over the next few weeks, giving you 2020 plan information and costs. We are going to spend more time prior to open enrollment providing information and support to help you feel more prepared as you consider what’s best for your family.
  • Extended open enrollment period: We’re changing the open enrollment dates so you have two full weekends during the enrollment period. This year, open enrollment will be Tuesday, Oct. 29 through Tuesday, Nov. 12 at 5 p.m. ET, giving you and your family even more time to review your options together.
  • Improved Healthy Boiler portal: In January 2019, we refreshed the home page of the Healthy Boiler portal to more clearly reflect if you had met your requirements for earning the 2019 incentives and made intuitive updates to the content within in the “Earn” tab. We’re continuing to improve the portal now—making it easier to login, upload your biometrics and use all of our handy resources. To help you best utilize these improvements, we’ve also created a short video that gives you a tour of the portal, with step-by-step instructions on how to use it.

What you need to do

During July, August and September, we will share vital information to help you prepare for the open enrollment period. Expect to see important information coming to you at your home as well as through email and Purdue Today. We encourage you to read this information and use our resources so you will be prepared to make informed decisions for 2020 and beyond.

We’re going to continue these efforts because we know benefits are important to you and your family and a critical part of your total rewards as a Purdue University employee.  We are committed to continuing to offer competitive benefits and we all need to work in partnership to maximize the use of the resources available. Thank you again to all who are providing input to help shape the future of our plans.

For your reference, a full summary of the 2019 post-benefits enrollment survey is available via our Benefits website.


Any questions or feedback can be directed to Human Resources via email at, or by phone at 765-494-2222, or toll free at 877-725-0222.