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Worker's Compensation Frequently Asked Questions

Key Information about Worker's Compensation

What does worker's compensation do for me? What are the benefits?

  • What is worker's compensation?

  • Who is covered by worker's compensation?

  • What does worker's compensation cover?

  • What claims are entitled to compensation?

What should I do when I'm injured or get sick on the job?

  • What should I do if I am injured on the job?

  • How is my claim for worker's compensation filed?

How do I get treatment? Who pays for my treatment?

  • Can I select my own doctor?

  • Are my work-related medical expenses filed on my personal medical insurance plan?

  • What should I do if I get a bill that should have been paid through worker's compensation?

What if I'm off work? How do I get paid?

  • How much does worker's compensation pay for my lost time?

  • How should I fill out my timecard for the day of injury?

  • How will I be paid if I am off work?

  • While I am not receiving a Purdue paycheck, what happens to the deductions I usually have taken out of my pay?

  • Do I need to file FMLA paperwork?

  • What is the return-to-work program?

  • Why did the occupational medicine doctor write a restriction for me instead of putting me off work?

  • Will I be paid for time spent at follow-up medical appointments?