Boilermaker Vegetable Season Pass - Purdue Student Farm

Boilermaker Vegetable Season Pass

Take a giant leap towards supporting the Purdue Student Farm.

Sign up for the Boilermaker Vegetable Season Pass to get your weekly bag of Purdue grown vegetables and herbs!


  • ▣  22 weeks


    ▣  July-November


  • $27.50

Monthly Composition of Vegetable Boxes


Kale, cabbage, beets, lettuce, basil, herbs (thyme, lemon balm, oregano, lavender, parsley), early beans, turnip, cherry tomato, heirloom tomato, red slicer tomato, sweet peppers bell/frying/roasting, jalapeno, poblano, hot peppers, eggplant, summer squash, cantaloupe, onion, celery, celeriac, and winter squash.


Tomato/pepper/eggplant ending during this month. New items include kale, cabbage, beets, radish, lettuce, basil, herbs, parsley, winter squash, popcorn, gourds, leek, scallion, turnip, salad greens mix (baby kale, arugula, mizuna, mustard greens), celery, and celeriac.

Buying in Bulk
If you want more of a certain product, reach out to the farm manager Chris Adair at to ask about the availability and pricing of bulk items.

Vegetable Box Pick-Up Logistics

This year Season Pass members will receive 22 weeks of vegetables with our start date being June 25th and the last pick up on November 19th.

The location of the pick-up will be at the farm (1491 Cherry Ln, West Lafayette), every Friday between 4 pm and 6 pm. When picking up the box we will ask your name to check off a list and then put the box wherever you would like in your vehicle. A contact-free pick-up is an option. Just let us know in advance. If there are weeks where you are not able to pick up your box, you are welcome to send someone else to grab your box or we can donate it to ACE Food Pantry. Simply send the farm manager an email before the pick-up date of that particular week.

The composition of vegetables in the box will change throughout the season so please be aware that we will not always have the same produce every week and at times we could have crop failures even if they are unlikely. The first few weeks and likely the last couple weeks of the season will be greens heavy and probably a little lighter on value but many of the boxes mid-season we will be able to make up for those early/late weeks. Expect a weekly email about the composition of the vegetable box.

We want to thank you all for participating this year and look forward to seeing everyone! If you have any questions or issues, please reach out to the farm manager Chris Adair.