Purdue Hops Program

The Purdue Hop Program was initiated in 2014 to assist growers and connect them to valuable resources for producing hops (Humulus lupulus) as an alternative agriculture enterprise for Indiana.

A Growing Industry

A recent report by the Brewers Association ranks Indiana as 15th in total number of craft breweries in the country. Spurred on by rapid growth in the craft beer industry, Indiana farmers have used this opportunity to enter and expand the hop market and further stimulate the state’s economy. Steady growth in the industry has helped Indiana to move into 11th largest hops producing state in the country with over 50 acres established in 2016 (Hops Growers of America, 2017).

Purdue Extension

Purdue Extension is facilitating educational workshops and field days across the state in support of Indiana’s growing hop industry. The Purdue Hop Program is supported by a USDA/ISDA Specialty Crop Block Grant to provide educational outreach to this growing industry.