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Who We Are

Purdue Diversified Food and Farming Systems is an Extension program made up of an interdisciplinary group of faculty, staff, extension educators, students, practitioners and partners.

What We Do

We work to connect programming, research and learning focused on urban agriculture, community wellness, local food, beginning farmers, small farms, and organic agriculture.

Our Mission

Increase scientific and public understanding of the diversification of locally grown foods and farming systems to improve the health of people, create economic opportunities for families and communities, and promote environmental stewardship.

Our Vision

Create a long-standing, vital resource for Purdue University and facilitate collaborations across academic disciplines. Practitioners, researchers, students and Educators will be able to engage in interdisciplinary activities around the core topics of urban agriculture, local foods, small farms, beginning farmers, student farmers and organic agriculture.

Fall is in the Air!

One of the most amazing times of the year as we watch the trees and plants dive into senescence and many lay dormant for the next few months, we are able to take a time to reap and enjoy the bountiful harvest that the land has given us. Now is the time to heat up the oven and cook up some pumpkin, squash, and roast peppers.

Buy extra produce from your local farmer and find a way to use it in a tasty recipe or preserve it for later in the winter. There isn’t a better time to restock your shelves, particularly as many grocery stores are contending with supply chain disruptions. Many local farmers are still there producing bacon, eggs, kale, cabbage, and more.

Have a great fall, ya’ll!

Dr. Tamara Benjamin
Assistant Program Leader
Purdue Diversified Farming and Food Systems

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Beginning Farmer

Signature Program

This program will walk through a farm planning workbook that will help a farmer determine their mission and vision, define their assets, set goals, and outline activities to achieve their goals.

Grass To Garden

Signature Program

Grass to Garden is a four-part (12-hour) workshop geared towards non-profit employees, local officials, community volunteers, and garden enthusiasts who struggle to find the tools they need to make their gardens community-driven, successful, and sustainable.

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Small Farm Spotlight

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Now we're featuring Mike Hoopengardner from RedBud Farm!

Starting with 2 goats and 2 llamas Kristy Kikly and Mike Hoopengardner, built their farm and house from the ground up and now have over 300 goats! They’re well known in retail, online markets, and farmers markets and in 2019, they won the American Cheese Society Gold Medal for Goat Milk Feta!

At Silver Valley Farm with Wendy Feller outside Crawfordsville, Ind.


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Purdue Extension's Diversified Farming and Food Systems program partners with many agencies across Indiana to support you as a diversified or beginning farmer, help you connect with other locals, and more.

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Our Team

Purdue Extension's Diversified Farming and Food Systems works to connect programming, research and learning focused on urban agriculture, community wellness, local food, beginning farmers, small farms and organic agriculture.

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Mailing Address

Dr. Tamara J Benjamin

Assistant Program Leader
Diversified Farming and Food Systems

615 W State Street
West Lafayette
IN  47907

Available 8am to 5pm

(765) 494-8490

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