News – Dr. Ying Li Lab



Neha Anand joined the lab as visiting student. Welcome Neha!

Li lab at the hort garden in summer 2023

Li lab at the hort garden in summer 2023

Emily graduated and joined Corteva. Best of luck Emily!

Leo Koenigsfeld joined the lab as graduate student. Welcome Leo!

Tanvir Dutt joined the lab as graduate student. Welcome Tanvir!

Ryan received the CPB travel award and ASPB midwest meeting travel award. Congrats Ryan!

Kayla received the Martin scholarship. Congrats Kayla!

MarySara received the SCARF fellowship. Congrats!


Liang has graduated with PhD and moved on as a bioinformatics scientist in life science industry! Congrats Liang!

Rachel will start her faculty position in this summer! Good luck Rachel!

Liang has won the Outstanding Graduate Student Award, congrats Liang!


Rachel has won the PB 2021 travel award! Congratulations to Rachel!

Rachel has won the USDA NIFA postdoc Fellowship! Congratulations Rachel!

Liang has won the Bilsland Fellowship! Congratulations to Liang!


Wenyi Ran has won the first place in oral presentation in the Spring 2020 Virtual Purdue Undergraduate Research Conference! Congratulations to Wenyi!

Emily and Wenyi have won the Martin Undergraduate research scholarship. Congratulations to the undergraduate researchers and their mentors!

Dr. Rachel McCoy has joined the lab as postdoc. Welcome Rachel!

Russell Julian has graduated with PhD! Congratulations Dr. Julian!

Liang Tang has won the CPB graduate student assistantship. Congratulations Liang!


Li Lab, Varala Lab and Hudson lab have received a DOE grant for the InferNet project! Go team!

Russell Julian has won the College of Agriculture Bayer AG and Bayer Crop Science Plant Breeding Travel Award. Congrats Russell!

Ryan Patrick has won Post Doctoral Fellowship from USDA NIFA. Congrats Ryan!

Russell Julian has won the best poster award in HLA Research and Design retreat. Congrats Russell!

Undergraduate researchers Wenyi Ran and Emily Kuhn have won OUR Scholar scholarship to perform independent research in the Li lab from Fall 2019 to Spring 2020. Congrats to Wenyi and Emily, and their mentors Russell and Ryan!


Russell Julian has joined the Li lab as a graduate student. Welcome Russell!

Clint Peacock has won the third place CoA Poster at Purdue Research Conference. Congratulations Clint!


Li lab has landed the first seed grant! “It’s time to smell the flowers!”

Dr. Ryan Patrick joined us as a postdoc. Welcome Ryan!

Liang Tang joined us as a graduate student. Welcome Liang!

Undergraduate Assistant Mr. Clint Peacock has won the Martin Agriculture Research Scholarship! Congratulations Clint!

Jan 03 2017

Birthday of the Li Lab! Hello world!