Funding – Dr. Ying Li Lab



InferNet: Gene Function Inference by Leveraging Large, Organ-Specific Expression Datasets and Validation of Non-Redundant Regulators
Department of Energy
PI: Kranthi Varala (Purdue University)
Co-Investigators: Ying Li (Purdue University), Karen Hudson (U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service)


Elucidating the interplay between two chromatin regulators in dynamic control of primary and secondary metabolic network

NSF MCB-2123470
PI: Ying Li; Co-PIs: Natalia Dudareva (Purdue); 2021-2024


Agseed: A novel mutational approach to uncover genetic determinants of hybrid vigor in maize

PI: Ying Li; Co-PIs: Guri Johal (Purdue); 2021-2023



Purdue CPB seed grant: Deciphering the epigenetic regulatory network controlling rhythmic emission of VOCs

PI: Ying Li; Co-PI: Dr. Natalia Dudareva’ 2018-2019


Nutri-Net: A network-inspired approach to improving nutrient use efficiency in crop plants

NSF IOS-1339362

PI: Gloria Coruzzi; Co-PIs: D. Shasha (NYU Courant), S.Moose (UIUC), S. Ruffel (INRA), G. Kroul (INRA), Y. Li (Purdue); 2014-2020