Kristine Marceau

Assistant Professor

Role: Director

Research Interests: Gene-environment interplay, prenatal experiences, physiological responses to stress, pubertal development, parenting and parent-child relationships, development of behavior problems and substance use

Current Graduate Students

Aura Mishra

Role: Aura is a seventh-year graduate student

Research Interests: Aura is interested in the role of environmental, social and biological processes on long-term physical and psychological health, and overall well-being as a consequence of adverse and traumatic experiences during childhood and adolescence.

Current Projects in the BDL: Aura is assisting in research on the genetics of puberty, and incorporating genetic influences in studies of gene-child maltreatment interactions for the development of substance use and interpersonal violence in her dissertation.

Advisors: Drs. Sharon Christ and Kristine Marceau

Funding: Aura is funded on a dissertation grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (R36).

Emily Rolan

Role: Emily is a fifth-year graduate research assistant

Research Interests: Emily uses a developmental perspective to explore executive function and adolescent externalizing behaviors situated in the context of the family, with a special focus on the impact siblings have on children’s environment and outcomes through factors such as parent interaction, play, and conflict.  

Current Projects in the BDL: Emily is overseeing data collection on the MCPP. She is also assisting for the AgSEED project, as well as conducting several independent research studies in the lab.

Advisor: Dr. Kristine Marceau

Funding: Emily is funded on the Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship from the graduate school.

Nayantara Nair

Role: Tara is a fourth-year graduate research assistant

Research Interests: Tara is interested in psychological resilience in minority populations and those at socioeconomic and cultural disadvantages, and the link between family environment factors (particularly parenting) and resilient outcomes in youth from high-risk communities.

Current Projects in the BDL: Tara is expanding her focus to understand the role of puberty for adolescent adjustment. She is leading the AgSEED project and a meta-analysis on secular trends in pubertal timing.

Advisor: Dr. Zoe Taylor

Funding: Tara is funded in part by Dr. Marceau’s AgSEED and K01 grants.

Gregor Horvath

Role: Gregor is a third-year graduate research assistant

Research Interests: Gregor is interested in child development, specifically focusing on problem behaviors from preschool through early adolescence. He is interested in learning more about how genetics and the environment contribute to behavior in early childhood, as well as how those behaviors contribute to academic achievement.

Current Projects in the BDL: Gregor is working with our genetic data, developing new ways to constructing polygenic scores (scores reflecting the combined influence of multiple genes) that are statistically sound and biologically relevant, and examining genetic influences on the timing and tempo of puberty and behavior.

Advisor: Dr. Kristine Marceau

Funding: Gregor is funded by Dr. Marceau’s K01 grant.

Olivia Robertson

Role : Olivia is a second-year graduate research assistant

Research Interests: Olivia is interested in stress response system programming, prenatal experiences and pubertal development. She is also interested in incorporating biomarker data and utilizing genetically informed designs in her work.

Current Projects in the BDL: Olivia is leading data collection on the non-pregnant sample of MCPP, and working on data management, cleaning, and preparation for EGDS and MCPP hormones.

Advisor: Dr. Kristine Marceau

Funding: Olivia is funded by Dr. Marceau’s R01 grant.

Undergraduate Students

*Poster Presenter; +Paper coauthor

Current Undergraduate Students

Annie Thompson, HDFS data mine, Fall 2019-present

Radhika Sahai, Brain and Behavioral Sciences, Summer Stay Scholar, Summer 2019-present

Alishia Elliot, Brain and Behavioral Sciences, Spring 2018-present

Maya Kumar*, Brain and Behavioral Sciences, Fall 2018-present

Katarina Wujek, Biology, Spring 2018-present

Savannah Hottle*+, Biology, Summer 2017-present

Past Undergraduate Students

Kayla Stradford*, Biology- Genetics, Summer Stay Scholar, Summer 2018-Spring 2019

Brittany Gelhausen, Brain and Behavioral Sciences, Summer 2018-Spring 2019

Shuyu Gao*, Brain and Behavioral Sciences, Summer 2018-Spring 2019

Shreya Swaminathan, Brain and Behavioral Sciences, Spring 2018-Fall 2018

Laura Galles*, Brain and Behavioral Sciences, Spring 2018-Fall 2019

Olivia Clem*, Psychological Sciences, OUR Scholar, Fall 2017-Spring 2018

Harlie Lane*, Brain and Behavioral Sciences, OUR Scholar, Summer 2017-Spring 2018

Heather Lange, Psychological Sciences, Summer 2017-Fall 2017

Rosie Mannin+, HDFS, Spring 2017-Spring 2018

Emily Field, Nursing, Spring 2017-Fall 2017

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