Wing Tung Tsui

Wing Tung Tsui

Hong Kong, China
Health Sciences Pre-Professional (Pre-Medicine concentration) major
Biology minor

Tell us why you chose Purdue University for your undergraduate education.

Purdue University has a high reputation across the United States. Purdue students have the opportunity to collaborate and communicate with a diverse student population. Purdue also provides a wonderful education and many resources for all majors. I thought studying in this kind of environment would be a great experience.

How would you describe the faculty and staff in the College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS)?

The faculty and staff are friendly and glad to help. They truly care about each student and want them to succeed. They motivate students to explore more about their majors. If you have academic concerns, your HHS academic advisor will offer constructive advice on course planning.

What advice would you give international students who are about to start their first year at Purdue?

At Purdue, you will find fun activities all around you. I would suggest that first-year international students participate in club events and try to meet people from other countries. Opportunities are endless at Purdue! Try to get involved at Purdue, then you can easily find your way to success.

What is your favorite thing about Purdue?

My favorite thing about Purdue is that someone is always there for you. Faculty, staff and friends will be your best company throughout your college life. They are the ones who can help you when you have struggles and will be able to show you the right path when you are lost. Purdue is a great school. I am glad to be a member of the Purdue family!

Tell us about some of your activities at Purdue.

I joined the Boiler Out Volunteer Program my freshman year. This organization has benefitted me personally, academically and professionally. As a volunteer, I have done meaningful community service projects at places such as nursing homes, community centers and food pantries. This was my first time to visit such places. Through this organization, I have enhanced my communication and learned valuable skills, including time management and leadership skills. I have also met friends from around the world. This is my favorite student organization at Purdue. I highly recommended it to students who are interested in helping those in need and giving back to the community.