Chaocheng Li

Chaocheng Li

Major: Hospitality and Tourism Management
Minor: Spanish
Hunan, China

Tell us why you chose Purdue University for your undergraduate education.

I have a passion for tourism, and Purdue has one of the best hospitality programs in the United States. 

How would you describe the faculty and staff in the College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS)?

HHS faculty and staff are always helpful, knowledgeable and professional. 

What advice would you give international students who are about to start their first year at Purdue?

My advice is to get involved. Try out as many clubs as you can, pick a few activities that you are passionate about, and then put your all into those few. Step out of your comfort zone, meet new people, explore your interests, and be open to new opportunities. Furthermore, always go to class! 

What is your favorite thing about Purdue?

My favorite thing about Purdue is that it offers diverse social experiences and a wide variety of learning opportunities. I consistently learn new and interesting things and meet new people from all over the world.

Tell us about some of your activities at Purdue.

I am the current President of Purdue’s National Society of Minorities in Hospitality (NSMH). Through NSMH, I’ve had the opportunity to meet students from many different cultures. It is fantastic to see us all working together and sharing our cultures with each other. I have learned a lot from my fellow NSMH members; and serving as president has given me experience in running an organization.