Frequently Asked Questions

For full details, please see admission requirements for the program of your interest. 

Each program has a different application deadline. Please check the program of your interest for specific admission requirements and deadlines. 

Please contact the staff of your program of interest or the Office of Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

The one structure type admits students and confers degrees much like a department, but no departmental structure.

The another model admits students to the program directly, but students eventually graduate from the department of the major professor. Degrees at Purdue are awarded only by programs which are approved by the Indiana Commission on Higher Education.

The a third structure reviews and admitts students, but students must already be admitted by a degree granting department. Students have a concentration added to their transcript upon completing the program requirements. Requirements may or may not need to be completed in addition to your home department.

There is one "dual-title degree" program, Gerontology.  Students complete requirements for one program and additional requirements for the Gerontology Program. Both programs appear on the transcript. 

Yes, it is provided in Appendix F of the Policies and Procedures Manual.

Some have received funds from the Office of the Provost and are managed by the Office of Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs in the Graduate School, while others are funded by participating academic departments or by colleges where they reside. The Graduate School does provide a significant number of first-year fellowships that are earmarked for IGP students.