The programs listed below are affiliated with the Office of Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs but housed in the College of Liberal Arts. Students apply to those programs directly and receive a degree from one of the programs, much like a department. 

Affiliated Degrees

Are you a self-directed graduate student who is interested in studying numerous disciplines and working with nationally recognized faculty at one of the oldest programs of its kind in the country? The American Studies program offers the opportunity to integrate theories, practices and content by choosing from more than 130 courses in 10 departments.

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Making progress through innovation and diversity.

Annagul Yaryyeva"American Studies does exactly what I was looking for. It encourages students to develop innovative approaches to the study of social justice issues in U.S. society and use diverse perspectives that draw a more holistic picture of the U.S. in the global arena."

Annagul Yaryyeva, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, American Studies

The Comparative Literature program teaches and compares world literature as both social documents and works of art in a cross-disciplinary approach. The program encourages the study of languages, an understanding of diversity and globalization, as well as an appreciation of various media as ways to fully engage literature.

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At Purdue, no one stands alone.

Tulin Ece Tosun

"All the faculty members have helped us to become engaged in the program and the community since we arrived. We all feel the program is our home. The program teaches students to think critically, have deep analysis and communicate complex ideas."

Tulin Ece Tosun, College of Liberal Arts Administration, Comparative Literature

When you join the Linguistics program, you will become immersed in the scientific study of languages and learn how to scientifically study all the world’s languages through a program distinguished by a strong, applied focus and thorough, theoretical training. Discover the structure of languages, how humans acquire and use language, how languages change, and the roles language plays in societies and cultures around the world. Apply theory in a variety of areas, including bilingualism, corpus linguistics, natural language processing and sign languages.

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Here, our curiosity keeps us learning.

Roderick Clare

“What I’ve really come to appreciate about our program is the sheer variety of courses on offer. It’s a great place to be for students with natural curiosity and diverse interests.”

Roderick Clare, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, Linguistics