Two ENTR Alums with a Vision to Connect Others Through The Purdue Alumni Network

In the ever-changing world of entrepreneurship, Purdue University alumni consistently demonstrate their exceptional ability to drive innovation and create successful ventures.  Recognizing the potential of Purdue entrepreneurship graduates, Ryan Kay and Andrew Stainko III, were inspired to create the Purdue Alumni Entrepreneurship Network (PAEN) to create a network of individuals united by an interest in entrepreneurship.  With the support of  Purdue for Life, which directs all alumni-related activities, Andrew and Ryan were able to successfully establish an Affinity Network for entrepreneurship.

Pictured from left to right: Andrew Stainko III and Ryan Kay

Andrew Stainko graduated in 2009 with a degree in Organizational Leadership and Accounting along with the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He is the owner of ACPP Construction Services and Accurate Property Management based in Lafayette, where he lives. Ryan Kay is a 2009 alumni with a degree in Management, the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and a minor in International Business. He is the owner of Arena Wealth Management in Fort Wayne. Both alumni report that the ENTR program inspired and supported them in their educational journey. 

Andrew and Ryan’s primary motivation for establishing the network was to provide a platform for alumni entrepreneurs to share their unique stories and experiences. They believe that every Purdue graduate involved in entrepreneurship has a valuable story to tell, one that could help guide others. By enabling alumni to connect and learn from each other, their aim is to harness the power of collective knowledge. Both firmly believe that in the world of entrepreneurship, knowledge was a currency more potent than money. 

In essence, Andrew and Ryan’s vision for the PAEN was rooted in the belief that the strength of the Purdue alumni community lay not only in their individual successes but in their collective ability to support and uplift one another. By creating a community of entrepreneurial alums,  they aim to make the voice of Purdue stronger.  For more information on PAEN, visit their website: or email: