ENTR Ambassador and Krannert Senior Prepares for Her Career in Finance

Anna Satek Spotlight

Innovative companies today are recruiting students with an entrepreneurial spirit who already possess experience working in diverse teams, as well as the leadership skills and the resiliency needed to help a company grow. Students like Krannert Senior Anna Satek is this type of student. Anna, a Chicago native, is double majoring in Finance and Management and pursuing a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Anna is also a member of the Women’s Club Lacrosse team and a Section Leader in the University Choir.

Anna will graduate in May 2020 and has already accepted a position within the Finance Development Program at AbbVie, a major biopharmaceutical company located in Chicago. Anna credits her time at Purdue for preparing her for this amazing opportunity. “I am very excited about working at AbbVie after graduation. I know my Krannert education, along with my Certificate in Entrepreneurship courses have given me the skills I need to be successful there.”

During her time at Purdue, Anna served as an Ambassador for the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program. When speaking with students interested in the Certificate in Entrepreneurship program, Anna shares, “The ENTR program gives students the chance to form relationships with students from different colleges. Students have the opportunity to gain new perspectives on ideas, develop leadership skills, and learn how to successfully launch a product or business.”

Anna also shares how she gained important insight into career paths and professional development from her first experiences in the program when her ENTR 200 Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation instructor would bring in guest speakers to speak on these subjects. “The speakers were from many different fields and they explained to us how entrepreneurship has been meaningful in their careers. It opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities.”

Those possibilities inspired Anna to learn as much as possible during her time at Purdue, which will no doubt serve her well as she launches her career.