Juel Aaron Spotlight

College of Liberal Arts Senior and Corporate Communications major Juel Aaron is a strong supporter in causes and organizations she deeply believes in. Juel, a Noblesville native, who is pursuing a minor in Film & Video Studies, is very active on campus volunteering for Boiler Tracks and serving as Vice President of Membership for Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service organization on campus. Through Alpha Phi Omega Juel has accumulated 200+ service hours.

Juel has also become a strong supporter of the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation program. Not only is she pursuing the Certificate, she is also a Teaching Assistant and Ambassador for the program. Juel originally decided to pursue the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation because she wanted to learn more about starting and/or running a business. She soon discovered, The ENTR program has given me a more objective, deeper look into business structures and how communication channels can affect businesses both inside and out.”

Juel enjoys telling potential Purdue students about the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation program at “Purdue’s For Me” events and informational fairs. “As an ambassador, I get to grow my presentational skills as I get to think on my feet and make my ideas as concrete as possible to help potential students understand the benefits the ENTR program could provide them.”

Juel enjoys sharing with these potential students as well as with her friends on campus how her ENTR classes have helped her build skills working in groups that often include very diverse majors. “I talk about the ENTR program a lot to my peers at Purdue and a lot of them get very interested and end up enrolling in ENTR 20000 Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation. That is very exciting.”

In May 2020 Juel will graduate from Purdue and has already accepted a position with a Fortune 500 company. Juel is excited for this next stage in her life and believes her ENTR classes have prepared her to make a positive impact in helping her future employer and their clients reach their goals, as she advocates for both.

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