International Breast Cancer and Nutrition

IBCN Acknowledgments

Fashion Project


College of Consumer Science (2013) provided designs, manufacturing expertise and sales advice for the production of the IBCN scarf and tie


Special Thanks to:

Nancy Stickler, Clinical Associate Professor

Susan Owens, Clinical Assistant Professor

Sally Harmon, Internship/Conference Coordinator



Vision of Hope Foundation

Provided funding our first Fashion project



Susan Rowe, President, Rowe Media

Creating a Marketing Plan for the IBCN


Debbie Davis ABC, APR

Triad Public Relations Inc

Instructor, Department of Journalism

Ball State University

Course used the IBCN as a case study and provided marketing recommendations




Jared Jensen, Krannert School (MBA Class of 2011)

Identified international contacts for our first symposium


Wea Creek Orchard

Providing space for the 2012 & 2013/2014 IBCN Barnyard Bash


University Bookstore

Providing a place for us to sell the scarves and ties Oct 2014


Capstone Project
Declan Vea, Kelly McNutt, Ryan Sanders, Matt Murphy and Rachael Bradford





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IBCN Acknowledgments

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