Connor Gulbronson, “CODEX Multiplexed Fluorescence Imaging at the ICBM”

Discovery Park
March 26, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Online - Zoom


March 26, 12:00 PM / Online - Zoom

Title: “CODEX Multiplexed Fluorescence Imaging at the ICBM”

Speaker: Connor Gulbronson, PhD, Indiana Center for Biological Microscopy

Summary: The CODEX system facilitates multiplexed imaging of 50+ probes within thin-sectioned tissue by utilizing a panel of antibodies conjugated to unique DNA barcodes.  The tissue sample is incubated with the full panel of antibody-DNA conjugates, which are then labeled with fluorescent probes and imaged three at a time.  The fluorescent probes are then stripped, and another set of three fluorescent probes are added, imaged and stripped.  The process is repeated for multiple cycles, giving you a highly multiplexed image of entire millimeter-scale samples.  A member of the Indiana Center for Biological Microscopy, Dr. Connor Gulbronson will be discussing the technique, describing improvements that he’s made to the CODEX system and demonstrating the new HALO image analysis software available in the core facility. 

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Contact Info: Jill L. Reiter, Ph.D., Director, Indiana CTSI Access Technology Program,

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