Courageous Conversations: Future of Work and Well-Being Part II

Purdue Policy Research Institute
April 7, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM


Improving the human condition requires change informed by sound science and meaningful engagement with key stakeholders. Effective, sustainable societal change comes about by identifying and defining an issue, engaging stakeholders, surveying the current policy landscape, identifying knowledge gaps to fill or connect, and developing policy encouraging improvement. Following a robust, courageous conversation, in Part 1. Part 2 aims to structure the approach for next steps, moving discussion to action, discovery to impact. Decision-makers, researchers, and stakeholders will address questions such as: What are the emergent issues? How do different sectors of society value addressing these topics? How have current policies or lack of policy affected these issues? This working session will aim to connect the key issues that manifest in Part 1, and identify what data is needed to inform change. We will engage in action-oriented discussion. This will result in a summary report, and follow on activities towards progress to address future of work and well-being (e.g. identifying funding agencies and particular grant opportunities, identifying team members, etc.). A literature review and policy analysis will be included in the discussion summary to assist in illuminating a path forward. PPRI will take the lead in the preparation of the summary report and analysis in collaboration with the Butler Center


  • Blair Milo, Secretary of Career Connections and Talent
  • Claudia Cummings, President and CEO, Indiana Philanthropy Alliance
  • Joseph G. Grzywacz, Professor and Associate Dean, College of Human Sciences, Florida State University

Hosted and co-sponsored by Purdue Policy Research Institute, co-sponsored by Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence

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