Interview: Rita Colwell on her book “A Lab of One’s Own: One Woman’s Personal Journey Through Sexism in Science”

Women's Global Health Institute
April 8, 2021
6:30 PM - 7:30 PM


The Women's Global Health Institute (WGHI) is excited to announce an interview with Dr. Rita Colwell, a pioneering microbiologist and the first female Director of the National Science Foundation, on her recent book “A Lab of One’s Own: One Woman’s Personal Journey Through Sexism in Science” by Dr. Rosie Clawson, professor of Political Science and WGHI Internal Steering Committee member at Purdue. 

The book describes Dr. Colwell’s experience from her early days at Purdue pursuing her master's degree, through to her becoming the first female NSF director, encountering sexism in the science field. This inspiring memoir provides Dr. Colwell’s insights into how she overcame the obstacles and advances in resisting sexism made by new generation of male and female scientists.

Dr. Rita Colwell is Distinguished University Professor both at the University of Maryland at College Park and at Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. She received her BS and MS from Purdue and her PhD from University of Washington. She also serves on the WGHI External Advisory Council.

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