Purdue University

Signature Projects

In contrast to signature research areas, which may have broad membership, signature projects are typically multidisciplinary grants for which multiple Purdue faculty have received external funding.  These projects relate to the mission of C4E and often have access to significant administrative support from the Center. These projects are promoted on our website and are branded as C4E signature projects.  As external funding ends, if it is not supported by other funding or is not renewed, the project is typically sunsetted.  These projects are led by signature project leaders, a clearly identified project PI who serves on the leadership team of the Center.

Currently, the Center for the Environment supports three large signature projects, the Arequipa Nexus Institute, #DiverseCornBelt, and the Center for Global Soundscapes.

To work with the Center to develop new signature project or collaborate on current large project, contact our managing director, Lynne Dahmen.