Sex Differences

The Women’s Global Health Institute (WGHI) at Purdue is interested in learning about, promoting and supporting any COVID-19 research at Purdue that includes research on women’s health and assessment sex differences. There are clear indications from the current statistics that sex plays a role in responses to COVID-19.  For example, more women are testing positive, but more men are dying of the disease (see resources below). 

Understanding factors that contribute to sex differences - ranging from social aspects to different immune responses - is important not only for the development of treatments, but also for estimating the risks that will result in potentially sex-specific recommendations. Our goal is to urge COVID-19 studies at Purdue to consider the question of sex differences, to collect sex-specific results as a resource, and to promote Purdue as a leader in understanding sex-differences in COVID-19.

If you are engaged in COVID-19 research or thinking to do so in the near future, please click here to tell us (~2-3 line description) about your COVID-19 project or your plans/ideas. We will follow up your submission to determine if you would like to highlight your project on the WGHI webpage for others to possibly connect, and where the WGHI could be of help in supporting your research.


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Purdue COVID-19 dashboard

The COVID-19 Sex-disaggregated Data Tracker --- by Global Health 50/50

WGHI NEWS --- updated publications and news on COVID-19, sex- and gender-differences, and women's health

Current COVID-19 Data by Sex in Indiana


Current COVID-19 Data by Sex in US and Other Countires: 





Current COVID-19 Data by Sex and Age in US and Other Countries: 

 Covid19-sex-age-DC-April-18.jpg Covid19-sex-age-UT-April-18.jpg

Covid19-sex-age-mortality-GA-by-April-18.jpg Covid19-sex-age-mortality-OH-by-April-18.jpg

Covid19-sex-age-confirmed-Italy-by-April-18.jpg Covid19-sex-age-mortality-Italy-by-April-18.jpg

Covid19-sex-age-mortality-Germany-by-April-18.jpg Covid19-sex-age-mortality-Netherland-by-April-18.jpg


(Updated June 9, 2020)

Data source: 

Scientific Papers:

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News Articles: 

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