Purdue Quantum Science and Engineering Institute

Purdue convenes leading quantum researchers, hosts state-of-the-art facilities, and leverages rich collaborations with industry, government and academia to drive discovery and investigation of new quantum phenomena and development of chip-scale quantum systems best suited for integration into tomorrow’s technology.

Quantum Science and Engineering Experts

The Purdue Quantum Science and Engineering Institute brings together more than 60 faculty members with expertise in various areas of quantum research to foster the development of practical and impactful aspects of quantum science.

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Quantum Research Areas

PQSEI affiliated researchers advance basic and applied quantum science and engineering in broad quantum areas such as atomic and molecular science and quantum photonics, quantum materials and devices, quantum technologies including quantum communication, sensing and computing.

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Centers and Partnerships

Purdue is a core partner and the lead university in the Quantum Science Center, led by Oak Ridge National Laboratory and one of five multidisciplinary National Quantum Information Science Research Centers supported by the Department of Energy.

Quantum Centers and Partnerships

Workforce Development

Engineers and other scientists are needed to develop quantum technologies that could revolutionize the way we communicate, compute and sense the world around us. Purdue University provides curriculum, experiential learning opportunities and outreach efforts to help develop the quantum workforce of the future.

Purdue hosts the Quantum Science Center’s annual Quantum Summer School, which includes talks from industry, academia and government experts, as well as hands-on and applied exercises. Participants, primarily graduate and postdoctoral students, broaden and develop personal and business networks that will shape their careers and the future of the quantum workforce.

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Purdue Quantum Research in the News

Advances in basic quantum research can lay the foundation for future technologies that will fundamentally change how we live and work. Through its world-class research programs, critical partnerships and leading experts, Purdue will continue to further our understanding and development of these game changing technologies.

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